Sheep Planter

Rs. 1,750

The sheep planter pot is shaped as a cute pink sheep. There is space to put small plants on top of the sheep. The planter comes with a drainage opening and stopper.

Nestip: You may buy several animal planters from the collection to make a zoo inside your garden! You can keep this planter at any place to brighten it up.

Size: 17 cm x 10.5cm x 11 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Material: Resin

Colour: Pink

Items Included: 1 planter pot

Style Number: R7A9T5

Collection: Planters add a fresh vibe in a home/office and if they can be decorative then it adds immensely to the aesthetic of any space. This collection has a wide range of cute and decorative planter pots to choose from, that can help decorate a room, balcony garden, table top or add green plants to any space

Customer Reviews

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The Mini planters are cute

The planters look great ... very beautiful and vast collection of home decor