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With Nestasia's enticing selection of home decor items, discover the height of elegance and flair. Discover a chosen collection of fine home accessories, including elegant crockery, furniture and alluring decor accents, all available at a whopping discount of up to 40%. Only with Nestasia can you elevate your living areas and embrace a lifestyle that balances elegance and affordability.


Explore our exquisite collection of dining items to elevate your dining experience. Our wide array of dining essentials, such as cutlery, dessert stands, and more can add an elegant flair to every meal. Browse through our selection of snack plates, dinner plates, platters, and bowls to serve delectable treats. Or, raise a hearty toast using our glassware range. You can also enjoy a hot cuppa with our collection of cups, mugs, tea sets, and tea kettles while staying hydrated on the go with easy-grip sipper bottles. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics with these dining essentials, all available at a pocket-friendly price.


Find a stunning selection of vases, planters, showpieces, and wall decor to bring life to your rooms. Our beautiful photo frames will help you save your memories while our candle stands will create an enchanting ambience. Our gorgeous mirrors can be excellent statement pieces, and our stylish tissue boxes will offer improved hygiene and style. With our carefully selected affordable decor items, elevate your room decor game.


Our affordable range of kitchen essentials includes sleek glass storage jars and spice jars to keep your kitchen ingredients fresh and easily accessible. Our versatile cooking pots and cast iron cookware will also help master the art of cooking. You can enhance your kitchen storage with our multipurpose kitchen racks. Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space with our wide array of kitchen utilities available at an attractive discount.

Potli Bags

Embrace the traditional beauty of expertly handcrafted potli bags and make festive celebrations extra special. Use the potli bags with any traditional attire and level up your fashion quotient. Browse through our selection of affordable yet charming potli bags to add a touch of glamour to traditional festivities.


Elevate your bathroom decor with our selection of soap dispensers and bathroom towels available at a discount of up to 40%. Say goodbye to messy soap bars and maintain better bathroom hygiene and cleanliness with our soap dispenser. Our super soft towels can also offer a relaxing bath experience that will leave you feeling refreshed. Create a sanctuary of style and relaxation with our bathroom accessories.

Cushion Covers

We have a collection of vibrant cushion covers, where style meets comfort. Add a cosy and comfy touch to your living room decor using our cushion covers and create a warm and inviting ambience. Let your room decor exude a welcoming vibe with our cushion covers.

Desk Organisers

Your best option for a clutter-free workspace is our collection of desk organisers. Explore a selection of versatile desk organisers made to keep your office essentials and stationery in order. Make your workplace neat and clutter-free with our file organisers.

Why choose Nestasia?

Nestasia understands the importance of quality, utility, and beauty (QUB). We offer a wide range of dining, furnishing, and home decor options. Browse through our carefully curated range of home accessories online to find the perfect gifts for friends, family, or yourself.


  1. What materials should I look for while buying cookware and bakeware?

Numerous materials, such as ceramic, copper, non-stick, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium, are used to make cookware and baking utensils. At Nestasia, you can buy cooking pots, ceramic bakeware, and cast iron cookware. Because each material has benefits and drawbacks, it relies on your personal preferences and cooking style.

  1. What kind of towels are best for the bathroom?

Towels that dry rapidly and have a high absorption rate are best for the bathroom. Although microfiber towels are great for drying quickly, cotton towels are a popular alternative because of their softness and absorbency. Choosing bath towels that are easy to maintain and durable enough to survive numerous washings is also essential.

  1. What material should I choose for my cushion cover?

For your sofa throw or cushion cover, you can select any material based on your tastes and personal style. The most popular materials for cushion covers and sofa throws include wool, polyester, cotton, and linen. You can pick a cosier, softer material for a more comfortable feel. The cushion cover or sofa blanket will last longer if it is made of a more robust material.

  1. How do I clean my cookware and bakeware?

For different materials, different cleaning methods are required. For instance, non-stick pans and ceramic bakeware should normally be hand-washed with non-abrasive cleaners in order to preserve the non-stick coating and ceramic substance, respectively. On the other hand, you may clean cast iron and stainless steel cookware using a soft sponge, water, and soap.

  1. What’s the best way to utilise glass storage jars for kitchen?

A versatile and useful addition to any kitchen is a glass storage jar. Use them to keep dry items like rice, pasta, spices, and nuts fresh and visible by storing them there. Effortlessly arrange your pantry while giving your kitchen decor a touch of class. For quick identification and to streamline your workspace and eliminate clutter, label your jars.


Product Name Price
Glass Cooking Pot Rs.1692
Petal Plate Rs.645
Picture Hanging Clips Rs.190
Invisible Wall Hook - Set of 10 Rs.150
Fondue Dish Rs.553
Meraki Ceramic Side Dish Rs.435
Meraki Ceramic Side Bowl Small 250 ml Rs.255