Creating Coastal-Inspired Bathroom Retreats

April 30, 2024

Summers are officially here and we’re guessing an escape to the seaside must sound pretty appealing right about now. Imagine sitting on a sundrenched beach with sand in your toes, saltwater in your curls, and the slightest hint of breeze blowing over your face. We know, sounds quite soothing and refreshing, doesn’t it? Now imagine bringing these gentle vibes into your bathroom. Whether you’re building your home from the ground up or renovating it, the ways to create a relaxing and laid-back bathroom are aplenty. Check out these 9 coastal-inspired bathroom ideas to transform your space into a beachy escape!

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9 Coastal Inspired Bathroom Ideas

1. Colour Scheme

Opt for a neutral colour scheme to create an open and airy feel reminiscent of an idyllic sandy shoreline. Soft whites, creams, pastel blues, and pale greys work perfectly as the foundation for a light, bright, and airy space. 

Coastal Bathroom Colour Palette

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2. Use Natural Materials 

To recreate the organic beauty of the coast, use natural materials like weathered wood, bamboo, and rattan. Switch out your existing cabinet with a waterproof wooden vanity. You can also install a sleek tiered bamboo storage cabinet to hold essentials like towel rolls, hair and body care essentials, and more. This will also help reduce clutter and keep droves of products circling your sink. Rattan utility baskets also exude a natural charm, making them another nice-to-have item on your list.

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3. Mirrors

Mirrors enhance natural light and create the illusion of more space. In unison with your carefully chosen colour palette, mirrors are a simple and cost-effective way to add to the open and airy feel you’d want in your coastal-inspired bathroom. You can also try a little DIY and adorn the frame with seashells for a more creative and authentic look.

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4. Coastal Bath Accessories

Coastal bath accessories such as seashell and clam-shaped bath dispensers or soap dishes will create a ton of visual intrigue in your bathroom, transforming it into a coastal retreat like no other. Small scallop trinket dishes and tropical-themed shower curtains are also something you can add to the mix.

Coastal Bath Set

5. Nautical Accents

Go all in with nautical accents like seashells, anchor hooks, and mini life float accents are perfect to fall in line with your coastal-inspired bathroom. You can also lean towards more organic accents like driftwood and conch shells, and display them beautifully on a floating shelf or cabinet.

Coastal Decor Objects

6. Beach Towels

Imitate the charm of a sandy shore with a stylish Fouta towel or a colourful beach towel with coastal prints. You can check out Nestasia’s collection of super-absorbent and irresistibly soft towels for your bathroom.


7. Lighting

The key to a natural coastal-inspired bathroom is the presence of ample light. You can install frosted glass windows and sheer drapes to allow dappled sunlight to enter while maintaining privacy. Elegant pendant lights with rope detailings add a nautical touch to any space, making it a great fit for your bathroom. Coral-themed wall sconces also create a soft, diffused light that seamlessly mimics natural sunlight.

Coastal Bathroom Decor Lighting

8. Plants

If space permits, add some greenery to your bathroom. Peace lilies, spider plants, and pothos are a few varieties that thrive in humid environments. Whether housed in a colourful planter and placed on a shelf or a less-traffic countertop, this purifying addition to your bathroom bodes well for a coastal theme.

Indoor Plants

9. Personal Touches

Finally, curate a bathroom that reflects your style. Whether you have your own collection of vintage beach signs or model sailboats to elevate the nautical charm or wish to create a relaxing and laid-back lair with some scented candles and diffusers, these teeny tiny additions will transform your bathroom into a space that’s truly yours.

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As we draw close to the end of our rundown on coastal-inspired bathroom ideas, we’d be remiss not to mention the most integral aspect of it all - balance. Avoid clutter at all costs with some practical organizers and create a spaced-out look that doesn’t overwhelm, and instead, appeals to you with its simplicity. A balanced arrangement is the key to achieving the bathroom of your dreams.

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