Color Trends In Kitchenware: What's Trending In 2024

February 09, 2024

In the realm of kitchen design, color trends play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetics of culinary spaces. As we progress into 2024, the landscape of kitchenware hues undergoes an intriguing evolution, offering fresh perspectives and inspiring design choices. From bold and vibrant tones that infuse energy into cooking spaces to serene and calming shades that evoke a sense of tranquility, the color trends in kitchenware for 2024 promise to captivate and inspire. In this blog, we delve into the dynamic palette of colors making waves in kitchenware design, exploring what's trending and how these hues are transforming the heart of the home.

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Trending Kitchenware Color Trends 2024

Pantone Color Of 2024 - Peach Fuzz

Speaking of colour trends for kitchens in 2024 and not talking about peach fuzz is a crime we don’t wish to commit. From kitchenware to decor pieces, peach is the way to go. Check out all things peach at Nestasia here. 

Marble & Stone - The High Drama Kitchenware

If you want to make your kitchen space more elegant, then consider incorporating one of the most important color and texture schemes of 2024, marble and stone!

Metallic Finishes - The Neutral Tones

Neutrals never go out of style! When thinking of kitchen color ideas for 2024, this one tops our list. 

Shades Of Red - Go Bright and Bold

Bright colours are making a bold comeback in 2024. Kitchen accents coloured in red/crimson are being embraced by people as one of the most pivotal kitchen colour combination ideas. 

Retro Red Kitchen

Matte Finishes - For A Softer Feel

Muted and matte finishes are all the rage right now. People are opting for browns, greys, and whites more than ever. No wonder they’re one of the most popular kitchen colour ideas of 2024.

Mix & Match - What Goes With What 

Mingle your choice with your partner’s and create your own space - that’s the only rule there is when mixing and matching. 

Eco-friendly & Sustainable - The Colours Of Nature

Adding a hint of green through indoor plants, vines and kitchen garden is all you need to spruce up your space. And while you’re at it, shop for planters from Nestasia.

What’s Vogue In Kitchens In 2024?

Here’s a rundown of trends that are going BIG this year. 

Sustainability Is Getting A Big Welcome

From bamboo utensils to wooden kitchen tools, in 2024 if you’re not going sustainable, then you better go home!        

Wooden Platter 

Tech-Inspired Kitchenware Is Gaining Love

Alexa, please turn on the kitchen light! That’s what’s hot for 2024 and we’re so here for it!

Back To The Basics - Vintage Kitchenware Is Making A Comeback

Just like bell-bottom jeans, vintage kitchenware is also making a comeback. Also, the latest kitchen colour combinations include a healthy mix of bold and muted colours. 

Multifunctionality Is The New Demand

If your stovetop only does one job, then that’s not it! Multifunctional kitchen appliances are one of the major kitchenware trends of 2024, second only to kitchen color schemes. 

Customization - Owning One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen space with customized pieces that scream personalization!

Decor Object for Kitchen

Non-Stick Surfaces - What’s New Here?

Non-stick appliances and kitchenware will continue to trend in 2024! Nothing beats the joy of cooking on these, not even in 2024. 

Other Things To Know About Having A Trendy Kitchen In 2024

Using Existing Kitchenware To Create Trends

Giving your kitchen a makeover does not always have to involve new kitchenware. Budget makeovers include using existing kitchenware to turn your kitchen space around in a wallet-friendly way. 

Bold Colours - The Right Way Of Adding Them To Your Kitchen

When adding bold colours to your kitchen, make sure to include at least some contrasting additions to the picture. For example, a brightly coloured chimney will go exceptionally well with a neutral coloured slab. 

Understanding Your Kitchen Space 

Understanding your kitchen space involves considering colors that enhance its size and ambiance. For larger kitchens, light tones like soft whites and pastels create an airy feel, while accent colors add depth. In smaller spaces, lighter hues expand the room visually, while bold accents inject personality without overwhelming the space. Choose wisely to maximize your kitchen's potential.

Mixing Different Colours - How To Make Things Work

Mixing different colors in your kitchen space can create a vibrant and personalized aesthetic. Start by selecting a primary color scheme, then layer in complementary hues for visual interest. Use contrast wisely, balancing bold tones with neutral shades for cohesion. Experiment with textures and patterns to add dimension and character to your kitchen design.


As we conclude our exploration of the color trends in kitchenware for 2024, it's evident that the culinary landscape continues to evolve with captivating hues and innovative designs. From bold statements to subtle accents, the spectrum of colors offers endless possibilities for personal expression in kitchen decor. Embracing these trends allows individuals to infuse their cooking spaces with creativity and style, transforming them into vibrant hubs of inspiration and functionality. Whether opting for timeless classics or daring innovations, the dynamic palette of 2024 invites us to reimagine our kitchens as not just functional spaces but as showcases of our unique tastes and personalities.


What is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024?

Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Colour of the year 2024. 

How can I incorporate bold colors into my kitchen without overwhelming the space?

Make sure to mix bold colours with the right balance of neutrals in your space to make it even out. For instance, if you’re going with bold-coloured appliances, choose neutral dinnerware to go with that. 

Are matte-finished kitchenware durable for everyday kitchen use?

Yes, matte-finished kitchenware items are durable for everyday use. 

Can I follow color trends without replacing all my existing kitchenware?

Yes, you can. A kitchen space makeover doesn’t necessarily have to involve new kitchenware. You can make do with the old one as well. 

Are there specific colors that promote a calming kitchen environment?

Neutral and muted colours such as browns, whites, and pastels are great for promoting a calming kitchen environment. 

Are there eco-friendly kitchenware colors that are also on-trend?

Yes, there are eco-friendly kitchenware colors that align with current trends. Natural, earthy tones such as moss green, terracotta and sandy beige are not only environmentally conscious but also on-trend for 2024.

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