6 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

February 11, 2023

February, the month when we see everything heart-shaped, red, and pink, is the month of love. Although Valentine's Day is observed on February 14, the excitement and passion begin weeks before. Valentine's Day is approaching rapidly, even if it seems like the December holiday season has just ended. Some people spend a lot on Valentine's Day presents, while others spend little or nothing at all. It might be difficult to think of something unique if you're in favour of gifts because you must have run out of ideas on what to gift to your loved ones immediately after Christmas and New Year. 

Faux Flowers

Valentine's Day gifts might be lavish or simply inexpensive, but it gives you an excellent chance to express your love and affection to the people who are close to you and essential to you. Hence, making thoughtful, meaningful, or purposeful gift selections may make a significant difference. When a hand-selected present is received, it is not only more appreciated but, as is sometimes remarked, it is the ‘thought that went into it’ that stays and is remembered for a very, very long time.

Valentine's Day Essentials

Apart from planning romantic dates and extravagant celebrations, most of your mind’s space will be filled with the question of what to buy for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. With all of that Rose day, Teddy Day, Chocolate day, Valentine's week is itself a hint on things you can offer as gifts. But, are we going with the cliche? No! Bring out the hopeless romantic in you and plan a thoughtful gift, something which reflects your love and admiration for the person. Here are our ideas from the Nest bucket to make your V-Day extra special.

Jewelry Box

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men-

Travel KitWhenever we think about what to gift a man, all the suggestions end up creating the same list of perfumes, watches, shoes, and shirts. This list has become universal to all women, as most of them can’t think of anything else! Though men are supposed to be manly, and no matter how much we stress on their being the ‘gift givers’, men too love receiving gifts and surprises. So, shush now and never listen to those who say anything different.

Drinking Glass Set

We think gifts that have a personal touch, a memory, or simply things that remind him or you of your togetherness, make for the greatest presents. Noticing his likes and dislikes is your map to the treasure hunt. After all, you are the one who’s most familiar with his preferences. What are you waiting for then? Run crazy with your imagination! And, to help you, here is a collection of cool suggestions for this year’s Valentine's Day gift for men.

1. Hour Love Is Eternal

Watch Box

One of the few accessories men can wear that allows them to fully go all out, is a watch. Although ties and shirts might have patterns, the goal is often to wear more austere colours than others. This means that a man's watch will be his true statement piece. However, so many guys opt to use a men's watch box instead of keeping their watches in a drawer. Any man who owns good timepieces will find this black watch box holder a helpful addition for keeping them secure and attractively displaying them. 

Watch Box

Watches are expensive, and you know it! Every man knows it, right? Yet, if you find him not doing what they should to keep their expensive watches safe, here's your chance to surprise him with the watch box organiser. However, there are men who simply keep their watches in their original boxes, which are quick to fall apart and rarely let you know what’s inside. Let him exhibit his precious collection with the protective cushioned slots and stylish vegan leather cover.

Watch Box

2. Clink O’ Clock

Rotating GlassesGlassware makes excellent gifting choices for every occasion; yes! That’s the versatility of it. Be it a wedding, a housewarming, a lavish dinner party, or a formal brunch, glassware is something that would neither disappoint you in terms of choosing it as a memorable gift nor will it fail to bring out a gleaming smile on the recipient’s face.

Rotating Glasses

When we talk about glassware to gift him on the most romantic day of the year, well, we can’t escape a ‘Cheers!’, can we? Simply ask, “what are the 10 best gifts for men?” and whisky glasses will be on the list of almost everyone. Whisky glasses and tall glasses for beer are the best selections when it comes to preparing valentines day gifts for men. 

Tall Glasses

Our craft beer glass set with a flared top and bottom is the ideal present for the craft beer enthusiast who has everything. These durable craft beer glasses include a flared top and bottom that allows the release of carbonation and aromas while craft beer is being savoured. They are made especially for craft beer lovers- the ideal craft beer glass for craft beer lovers. And if you identify your man as one of them, you know your pick!

Tall Glass

3. Trip-Toeing 

Travel Kits

If your man has to travel a lot for business meetings or any other requirement, or simply to respond to the call of wanderlust, the travel pouch is absolutely the best gift for him this Valentine's day. 

Travel Kit

Get him a high-performance travel pouch to use when packing for his upcoming travel so he can easily reach all the basics. The toiletry bag will make it easier and more organized to store items like a toothbrush, comb, compact shampoo bottles or sachets, sanitizers, toothpaste, shaving kit, and other such items.

Travel Kit

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her-

1. Love Struck

Faux Flowers

Valentine's Day is without a doubt the most renowned day in the world for gifting flowers, a heartfelt note or a card, and chocolates. Flowers were used in Valentine's Day customs as early as the 17th century. Roses were specifically chosen since they signify love in all its forms. But varieties like lilies and chrysanthemum have been added throughout time. However, the tradition of giving flowers endures.

Faux Flowers

Apart from being the personal favourite of the recipient, the flowers hold a deeper meaning when gifted. Roses are said to signify love, gratitude, appreciation, spirituality, new beginnings, while lilies symbolize an everlasting promise of undying love,  passion, vivacity, and fascination. And, when it comes to chrysanthemums, they convey optimism, joy, hope, and happiness.

Faux Flowers

Just like lilies and chrysanthemums, there are alternatives to chocolates to pair with the flowers. Homemade pure chocolates wrapped in beautiful and crafty gift boxes, brownies, candies in a candy jar- you name it, we have it! Explore our variety of faux flowers, red and pink gift boxes, teddy bear candy jars and choose your pick.

Gift Box

2. What’s Trending? Vanity!

Jewelry Box

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend, uh well, OBVIOUSLY! No matter how much jewellery you own, your treasured possessions require a safe and secure place to live in order to keep them from being lost or damaged. Jewellery boxes promote keeping jewellery in a central spot so there is less possibility of losing it or forgetting where it is. They enable you to organise your collection more effectively. More significantly, jewellery admirers recognize that the main function of a well-made jewellery box is to separate jewels in order to protect them from harming one another.

Jewelry Organiser

If rings are your sweet spot, or layered necklaces are #foreverlove, our jewellery organisers will keep them safe from rolling over one another or getting tangled. The rings can be kept in a way to view them easily with the head of the ring visible. Keep the chains of the necklaces separated and free from knotting by using individual necklace hooks and square sections in the organiser. As a tip, you can pair them with our embellished potlis as the perfect gift set!

Jewelry Box And Potlis

3. Bags Full Of Love

Heart  Bags

Our bags have hearts that are racing for you, yes YOU! Don’t believe us? See for yourself! If you can see a red coloured heart on our premium black sling bag or handbag, you, my dear, are now lovestruck with our bags!

Heart Mini Bag

Apart from borrowing the sheen and lustre of premium vegan leather, the bags are a pro at being the most stylish and utilitarian gift from the list of best V-day gifts. Now carry your heart to school, college, office, or anywhere while traveling, or give a piece of your heart to your loved one in the form of hearty bags.

If Your Valentine’s Gift Is A Surprise Date…

Well, we have a few ideas to help you out in that case too!


- Make the sitting area comfier and lovey-dovey with Valentine’s themed cushions on the sofa or couch and binge watch a movie which reminds you both of how it all began!

Coffee Mugs

- Plan a coffee date at home with red coloured coffee mugs, and heart bowls to keep each other’s favourite snacks.

Aroma Candles
- Place some aromatic candles here and there in a room, turn on a favourite playlist and groove to the melodious tunes that you both cherish.

Shelf Decor
- Deck up the shelves with decor that’s all pink and lovey-dovey if she’s a decor lover.

Dining Essentials

- Saving the best for the last, a dinner date! Cook your partner’s favourite meals, lay the table runner on the table, place the plates, bowls and glasses accordingly and make it memorable.

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