7 Enticing Christmas Table Decor Ideas

December 14, 2022

“O Come, All Ye Faithful” because Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to ace your table decor game. Besides all the fun and merriment, the holiday season also brings a lot of stress. From deciding the Christmas dinner menu to decorating the Christmas tree - there’s so much to do! 

Christmas table decor

But deciding the perfect Christmas table setting need not be that stressful as long as you are clear about the table decor style that you want to follow. You can simply mix and match the dinnerware and glassware sets with the right Christmas table centerpieces and table runners, depending on your personal taste and style. And the best part - you can even ask your kids to help you out with the Christmas table setting as your guests chat away merrily.  

Christmas dinner table setting

All you need are some killer Christmas table decor and centerpiece ideas to get inspired. That’s why we are here to discuss seven enticing Christmas table decoration ideas that can put your Grinchiest guests in a jolly mood. From the traditional red and green to a textured medley - we’ve got you covered. So, no more despairing and put on your “fa la la la la” Santa hats because it’s about to get very merry Christmassy! 

Christmas dining table decor

  1. White And Red And Everything Great 

Red like Santa’s vest and white like snowflakes, a perfect colour palette to set a dinner table decor fit for the festive season of Christmas. Our white dinner set can be the ideal pick to pair with our red placemat and coaster set for a gorgeous red and white-themed Christmas table decor to woo your guests. 

Christmas special

Place our white wooden cake stand as your table centrepiece to serve delicious Christmas treats to your guests. And since a Christmas dinner is incomplete without some wine, you can go for our transparent crystal red wine glass set or our champagne glass set to serve your favourite Pinot Noir to commemorate the festive occasion. 

White wooden cake stand

You can also add a touch of gold to this white and red-themed Christmas table decor with our golden flatware cutlery set specially designed to celebrate such festive occasions. Adding candle centerpieces to your dinner table decor is always a great idea to light up the Christmas celebrations. Our modern candle holder set can help you arrange stunning candle centerpieces to amp up the aesthetics of your Christmas table decorations.  

Modern Candle Holder Set

Finish it off by placing a few tabletop Christmas tree showpieces to add the ultimate Christmas vibe to your dinner table decor and get ready to jingle all the way! 

  1. Glassy And Classy

No matter what the occasion is, transparent glass dinnerware can never go out of style. Using glass dinnerware for your Christmas dining table decor can go perfectly with the festive season of icy cold, Christmassy winter. That’s why our modern textured plate and bowl set can be an excellent pick to set up a glassy and classy Christmas table decoration. 

Christmas table setting

You can place a red tablecloth and a green long table runner to go with the traditional colour theme of Christmas while setting your dining table decor. Since candle centerpieces set the perfect Christmas mood, you can always place scented candles while decorating the Christmas table using our modern candle holder set and gold bell jar glass candle holder

Modern Textured Plate And Bowl Set

Pair the glass dinnerware set with our golden flatware cutlery set to make the Christmas table setting much more classy and glamorous. You can add the final touches by placing a stellar Christmas wreath as one of the table centerpieces surrounding the candles to make the Christmas dining table decor look even merrier. 

Christmas wreath

  1. Holly, Jolly, Christmassy 

What better way to welcome jolly old St. Nicholas (our beloved Santa Claus) than to celebrate a glorious Christmas dinner with loved ones? So, check out our holly jolly Christmas dinner set to set up a holly, jolly, and Christmassy table decor. You can pair the Christmas dinner set with our green vintage engraved wine glass set to create an enticing tablescape for this festive season. 

Holly, jolly, Christmas table decor

Next, place our green solid long table runner in the middle of your dining table to add stunning Christmas table centerpieces. You can add fresh or artificial floral blooms to the table decoration to boost its aesthetic appeal. Arrange the floral blooms in our green clear glass gold detailed vase and place it on a large ceramic Christmas platter at the centre of the table. 

Ceramic Christmas Platter Large

You can also add a Eucalyptus leaf vine to stay true to the holly, jolly Christmas spirit while setting up and decorating the dinner table. Lastly, place down some sparkling cutleries from our golden flatware set to turn the glowing Christmas table decor aesthetics up by a notch. 

Clear Glass Gold Detailed Vase Green

  1. Cozy And Homely

Are you a homebody who likes to spend a cozy and quiet Christmas at home with your family? Homely and simple Christmas table decorations might be right up your alley. When it comes to homely and cozy Christmas table decoration ideas, sticking to a minimalistic style is the best way to go. 

Homely Christmas decor

Our round scalloped plates are the perfect blend of elegance and minimalism that’ll help you to create a homely Christmas table setting for an intimate family Christmas dinner. Pair the scalloped plates with our vibrant polka dot bowls to add a splash of colour to the festive celebrations. 

Polka Dots Bowls

You can also use our Farmhouse round wooden platter to add a rustic touch to the simple, homely Christmas table decor. Lay down some gorgeous golden cutleries for that extra Christmassy charm. And finally, place some table planters with some fresh floral blooms to make the cozy Christmas tablescape look warm and welcoming to go with the festive vibes.

Farmhouse Round Wooden Platter

  1. Vintage And Exotic 

If you’re a sucker for vintage grandeur and full-blown Christmas celebrations filled with singing Christmas carols while enjoying a glass of eggnog, exotic table decor ideas might be just what you need! And when it comes to vintage and exotic Christmas table decoration ideas, don’t shy away from going all out. 

Vintage Christmas table decor

You can pair our Aurelea royal dinner plate with the green matte modern ceramic snack plate to celebrate the Christmas extravaganza in style. To add a rustic touch to your exotic Christmas table decorations, our Sabai trivet set can be an ideal pick. Our light beige solid table runner can also go well with the vintage vibe of your Christmas dinner table decor.

Aurelea Royal Dinner Plate

Any exotic table decor is incomplete without some sparkling crystal glassware. So don’t forget to add our green textured glass drinkware set and open the best vintage wine bottle to make your Christmas table setting even more glamorous. Our green luxe glass dessert bowl set will also pair perfectly with the drinkware set. 

Textured Drinkware Glass Green Set

When it comes to Christmas desserts, what can be more vintage and exotic than serving desserts on a traditional dessert stand? Our Aurelea 3-tier dessert stand can dial up the exotic and vintage vibe of the Christmas dinner table decor by several notches. 

Aurelea 3 Tier Dessert Stand

You can also include our Aurelea floral dessert bowl to the tabletop decor to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. To finish it off, lay down some shiny golden cutleries and place a ceramic textured vase with some fresh flowers as the Christmas centerpiece to match the exotic festive table decoration. 

Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase White

  1. Light, Bright, And Flowery

“Red and green to keep away all things mean, flowery and bright like the Christmas light.” 

If our little one-liner has got you hooked, get ready to be inspired by our light, bright, and flowery table decor featuring the traditional red and green colours of Christmas. Start with laying down our off-white holiday bells table runner to set the perfect festive mood with your table decor. Next, pair our green Toujours dinner set with the red Toujours dinner set to stay true to the classic red and green colour theme of Christmas. 

Flowery Christmas table decor

If you want to keep the Christmas table decor bright and flowery, stick to attractive yet simple decorative table centerpiece ideas. You can pick our green clear glass gold detailed vase to arrange single stems with gorgeous wild floral blooms to make the dinner table look flowery and Christmassy. Candle centerpieces featuring our modern ceramic tube candle holder can also be perfect in setting up a light and bright Christmas table decor.   

Modern Ceramic Tube Candle Holder

When it comes to light and bright table decor ideas, sparkling crystal glassware sets are a must-have. You can use our green textured drinkware glass set and the green luxe glass dessert bowl set to add some sparkle to your table decor for a dazzling Christmas dinner. 

Luxe Glass Dessert Bowl Green Set

  1. A Textured Medley 

If creativity is your middle name and you’re not afraid to experiment around while setting the Christmas table decorations, why not play with some textures? Christmas table decoration ideas featuring textured dinnerware pieces can be super-hard to pull off, but they can also be quite fun and create a visually dynamic table setting

Textured Christmas table setting

Our pink and green Ombre dinner set can be perfect to create a textured medley for your Christmas dinner table decor. Speaking of a textured mix n’ match, our transparent crystal red wine glass set featuring a diamond-patterned exterior can be the ideal glassware to add to the textural element of the Christmas table setting. 

Ombre Ceramic Dinner Plate

You can also use our Tulip glass tea light candle holder and the glass candle stand decor set to add candle centerpieces to the Christmas table decor while staying true to the textured medley theme. Also, don’t forget to include a touch of sparkly awesomeness with our golden flatware cutlery set.

Tulip Glass Tea Light Candle Holder Amber Set

And lastly, arrange some gorgeous floral blooms in our contemporary transparent glass flower vase and place it as a table centerpiece to make your dinner table setting fit for all the grand Christmas festivities

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