4 Summer Special Cocktail Recipes ft. Nestasia’s New Glassware

March 31, 2023

Styles of bar glasses- do they matter? 

Whiskey GlassHow little do we care about it when we are sipping a drink at home? Suppose if we don’t have a beer mug, or a stemmed glass, we always manage to replace their absence with another glassware. It’s important to keep glassware which would seamlessly go with a lot of drinks yet won’t be the wrong type. Let’s see what our in-house bartenders have to say…

 Glassware“For a very long time, we’ve primarily been concerned with the drink's appearance in the glass. Why not consider the drink itself, the one you want to create, and the volume of that drink instead, and then select a glass that is suitable for that?

Crystal GlasswareEverything will be at the appropriate levels, making serving or sipping that drink much more delightful. The type of glass you use is traditionally significant, but you don't need a large selection for your home bar”. To give you a crystal clear idea of this, we have curated 4 boozy cocktails and a range of drinkware that’s a must-have from Nestasia’s collection of glassware for your next party or get-together.

A. Boozy G&T x Whiskey Glass

Whiskey GlassGin and Tonic (G&T) is one of the permanent options in the cocktail list sharing the space with LIIT, Cosmopolitan, Margherita, etc. And we, here, kicked the monotony out by adding a little twist to the usual drink. Whiskey glasses are made to make whiskey drinking more pleasurable. But what happens when we pour our Boozy G&T in a whiskey glass? The classy whiskey glass enhances the experience of sipping the boozy drink effortlessly.

Whiskey GlassIngredients:

1. Gin- 30ml
2. Tonic Water- 50ml
3. Pineapple Juice- 50ml
4. Lemon Juice- 5ml
5. Ice cubes- 2 to 3
6. Pineapple to garnish

    Whiskey GlassMethod:

    1. Take a drink mixer and one by one, pour gin, tonic water, pineapple juice, and lemon juice into it.

    Cocktail Mix2. Keep the glass ready by adding ice cubes in it.

    3. Mix the drink by shaking the mixer for 15-20 seconds.

    Cocktail Mixer4. Pour the drink from the mixer to the glass.

    5. Add a pineapple on the rim. 

    Whiskey Glass

    B. Beach Please x Crystal Glass

    Crystal GlasswareBeach might be a distant option for the work-o-holic gang but an “after office chilling session” is always a big YES! Hence, say “Beach please!” to the mundane, hectic routine and relax by taking our crystal glass filled with a hearty serving of this summer cocktail. 

    Crystal GlasswareWhy crystal glass? Well, its quirky shape and uniquely shaped rim gives you a way to experiment with the usual bar glassware and set a “yours truly” curated menu and glassware pair which would surprise the guests for sure. 

    Crystal GlasswareIngredients:

    1. Tequila- 30ml
    2. Coconut milk- 50ml
    3. Honey- 5ml
    4. Crushed Ice
    5. Toasted coconut flakes

      Crystal GlasswareMethod:

      1. With the help of a brush, smear the rim of the glass with lemon juice.
      2. On a plate, keep the toasted coconut flakes and put the rim of the glass over it.
      3. Swirl it till the coconut flakes stick to the rim perfectly. 

      Crystal Glassware
      4. Add ice, tequila, honey, coconut milk one by one and stir it with a metal straw.

      Crystal Glassware
      5. Serve and enjoy the summer special cocktail.

      Crystal Glassware C. Spice it up x Pebble Textured Drinkware

      Pebble Textured GlasswareEvery bar should have tall glasses. They are practical and the pebble texture gives it a designer touch. To put ice in, they have just the right amount of space. This keeps tall drinks like our Spice It Up cocktail chilled for a very long time. Now worry no more and enjoy your cocktail for longer as it melts more slowly when you add additional ice to the glass.

      Pebble Textured Glassware


      1.Vodka- 30ml
      2. Lemon juice- 5ml
      3. Lemonade- 80ml
      4. Black pepper- 1/4 tsp
      5. Crushed strawberries- 5no.
      6. Lemon slice

        Pebble Textured GlasswareMethod:

        1. Add the crushed strawberries to the glass.
        2. Add lemon juice over the strawberries.

        Pebble Textured Glassware
        3. Muddle the strawberries using a muddler.
        4. Pour vodka, lemonade and add black pepper (according to one’s preference)

        Pebble Textured Glassware
        5. Stir it with a bar straw and add lemon slices on the surface.
        6. Put a strawberry on the rim before serving.

        Pebble Textured Glassware

          D. Mango Tango x Rotating Glass

           Rotating glasswareMangoes are a summer favourite, don’t you agree? Here, your favourite mangoes are blended with white rum which would make your heart do the tango! Don’t believe us? Follow the recipe below and see for yourself. But wait! Let us help you pick the right glass for the delightful Mango Tango cocktail. 

          Rotating GlassRotating glasses are always paired with classic whiskey. The real purpose of them is to spin the glass, enabling the alcohol to rise and then fall to the bottom which aerates the spirit poured into the glass. So, indulge in a flavourful and soul-soothing drinking experience with Mango Tango in the rotating glass as it releases the flavours and aromas of the drink. 

          Rotating GlassIngredients:

          1. White Rum- 30ml
          2. Lemon juice- 5ml
          3. Apple juice- 50ml
          4. Crushed mango- 1pc
          5. Mint leaves and lemon slice to garnish


            1. Pour the crushed mango pieces into the glass. 

            Rotating Glass
            2. Add lemon juice and muddle the mango pieces with the help of a muddler.
            3. Add white rum, apple juice, ice, and stir with the help of a bar straw.

            Rotating Glass
            4. Put a slice of lemon on the rim of the glass as a ‘cherry on top’ and garnish with a few mint leaves. 
            5. Rotate the glass and see the magic!

            Rotating Glass

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