3 Ways to Style a Rug at Home

May 23, 2020

Rug Styling at Home

A good rug infuses any room with personality, warmth and provides it with a unique visual style. It is a key element in any room that helps determine the tone of the room. 

The furniture and other elements come together like a family with the rug being the head of that family. 

Brad Rug Tufted Rug

From restyling your workspace to creating fun, cozy corners for your reading or leisure time, we show you three ways in which you can revamp your nooks to shun away the monotonous set up you’re probably bored of. These setups are styled using just a simple, neutral rug.


"Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are." - Mason Cooley

Criss Cross Tufted Rug and Books

When you need a get away from the regular routine and the same faces all throughout, surround yourself with characters, fantasies and dreams. How about creating a space to do so. 

Get to work and start by shifting your bookshelf in a corner you could call your own. Books and games aligned could possibly be the best adornment for this corner.

Bookshelf decor

One of the most important aspect of any reading nook would be comfortable seating. A rug is the best way to create an informal seating to relax yourself or enjoy the company of your family.

Reading Nook

Choose a rug wisely, something comfortable enough for you to sit on for a long period of time. Something cushion-y and soft; go for a hand knotted or a tufted rug.

Tufted Rug

Look at the space holistically and see if the rug fits in its entirety, with regard to color or pattern and of course the size.

Reading Nook

Throw in some comfy and fluffy cushions and shams to add to the coziness and also a splash of quirk and color.

reading and games corner at home

Choose bright coloured cushions and artwork with quotes or quirky typography to liven up this fun corner.

Knitted Cushion Cover

Add small plants around your alcove since they add so much life to the space. See your little activity corner thrive in happiness.

Red Metal Plant Stand The greens play a vital role in uplifting literally any corner. Place them at levels on crates and mini metal stands.Small Metal tables

Some house plants that you could add are Song of India, Areaca Palms, Coleus and Snake or Jade.

House plants

Besides the regular potted plants, you could also line your shelves with propagated plants like the simple Pothos (better known as money plant) or flowering plants like frangipani. Not only will it add a visual impact but could turn into a fun propagation activity for you as well.

Nesttip: If you love fresh air and love reading by the window, then shift this set up near a window but make sure you place the shelf against the window. As much as you love the breezy winds, your books and games may not.


As many of us are working from home, here’s a quick and yet calming set up to spend those long hours in a space where you can be productive and restful at the same time. 

Work from home

Let’s get creative and fix up a corner that will help you be constructive. Start by choosing the perfect spot. Select a spot or a niche where you receive the most amount of natural light and away from all distractions, be it the tv or kitchen.

Work From Home Space

A well-lit space is vital to reduce eye strain. So, sitting in the daylight is best but if you work post those hours, add a floor lamp that complements your rug.

Work From Home Space Decor

If you’re bored of the regular chair and desk set up, go for a low seating arrangement using a comfortable rug. You could possibly take mini breaks and lie down once in while too. 

Watch the full video below

So, to up the comfort factor throw in some soft cushions. They are great for your back support and also enhance visual impact by adding to the tone of the space.

Pom Pom cushionWhite and blue being cool colours help giving the space a soothing vibe and often spark a feeling of composure and ease which is much needed since you need to focus at work. Books and rugUse some wooden crates to store your books, stationary or chargers. If you have old crates lying at home, paint them by giving them a distressed look to add a wee bit of rusticity. Use one of the crates or if need be, stack two to substitute it for your desk.White and blue decor

Nesttip: If your work demands constant work calls, you could opt for a solid, plain wall so there is minimal distraction for viewers. Good lighting is a must for the best video quality. Avoid clutter and keep it bare minimal. Go for a simple look, overall.

Crate Table

Place plants around your space to add to the serene vibe. It is indeed proven that plants banish stress and can uplift one's spirits.

Plants in Home Work Space

They don’t just help in increasing productivity but enhance focus, improve creativity, memory and your mood.


Partying indoors will probably be the new way of spending your weekends. While game nights are always fun, there are some nights where you’d just want to chill over music and drinks.

A profusion of elements bring so much joy to a space and that's exactly what we will be doing with the entertainment corner.

Cozy Space at home

This style is rustic and whimsical. Choose a cozy corner with dim lighting. Add some rice lights or fairy lights to enhance the mood of the space.

Hang in there a boho chic swing and throw in some comfy cushions with solid and earthy tones.

Boho chic swing

The reason why we give this space a rustic charm is because we would like to double it up as a space where you could have a fun jamming session, or dress up, dine and wine.

Take your bedside table or nesting tables, flip it, switch sides and see what looks best. Use it as a make shift centre table or a mini console to place your drinks and snacks.

Shelf Styling

Surround yourself with all things you love and cherish. Add a few fun accents to make the space a happy place.

Guitar and rug

Quirky nick knacks or show pieces add the much needed drama to any entertainment corner, adding oodles of character to it.

Knots and Crosses

Adding a bit of a tropical vibe, is always a good idea and for that we have our house plants to the rescue. Be it, Monstera, Peace Lily or simple Areca Palms and Crotons, they would add texture to your entertainment space by uplifting the oomph value. Lovely and lush, you can never go wrong with this trend.

Potted Plant and rug

You could use compact cake stands that heighten the level of your snacks and food for a low seating, instead of keeping the bowls directly on your beautiful rug.

Marble Cake Stand

Crackers and cheese or grapes and melon slices, serve just about anything you'd like and lay them fancily on a stone cake stand that speaks a rustic and contemporary language.

Party snacks

Nestip: Make sure you have coasters and snacks lying at different levels, since, in a cosy house party setting, your guests are going to be all over the space. 

Party snacks

Whatever you choose your space to be, there are limitless ways to cosy it up, deck it up and make it just right for your setting. Keep in mind the mood you're trying to set and then select the the tones accordingly.

These spaces should display your personality and be your getaway within the four walls of your humble abode. So style it with elements that you cherish and accessorize it with regard to the theme of that nook.

Make it your happy corner, a corner where you seek refuge from the monotonous routine and more importantly a corner that is flooding with positive vibes only. Remember, positive energy is contagious!








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