15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

May 03, 2024

Bold is the new black honey! 

If there is one thing that previous years have taught us, it’s to be bold, in all aspects of our life. Whether it’s our fashion choices. Decisions we make in life. Or even, the colours we decide to incorporate into our space. Bold is the new black, and we’re living for it! 

When we incorporate colours into our space, most of us opt for colour palettes to match our modern aesthetic.

But, what if we told you that being bold doesn’t necessarily translate to vibrant colours and maximalist aesthetics? What if we told you it’s about choosing colour combinations that you would’ve never dreamed of pairing together, but in reality work like a charm and can help you create clean and visually intriguing interiors? Really, what if? 


Before we dive into these colour combinations, it’s important to understand that different colour schemes have the ability to evoke certain emotions. Therefore, when selecting colour palettes you wish to incorporate into your space, it’s best to consider what emotions you wish to feel when you’re spending time in the space. 

Blue: Known for its serene and calming qualities, blue is often used in spaces where one would relax such as the bedroom, or living room to stimulate a sense of tranquillity. Lighter 

shades of blue often are considered to be cleaner and able to promote a sense of peace better. Darker blues on the other hand create a space where one can introspect and reflect. 

Red: Although associated with passion, confidence, and excitement, red is a colour that must be used in moderation as too much can trigger the spectrums polar opposite of aggression or stress. It’s often used in spaces like the living room or dining room where the warmth of good company, the energy created by loud chatter and laughter, and the excitement of devouring great food is at an all-time high. 

Green: As you can probably imagine, green is a colour that symbolizes nature and growth and is used to create balance and harmony in a space. It's often associated with freshness, renewal, and health, making it a great choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, or areas where relaxation and rejuvenation are priorities.

Yellow: Probably the happiest colour, yellow is the colour of sunshine, optimism, and energy, which makes spaces feel more inviting. This makes it suitable for areas where people often gather such as the dining room, kitchen, or living room. However, like red, yellow must also be used sparingly as too much of the colour can be overwhelming for our senses, ultimately triggering our anxiety. 

Orange: A marriage of energy and cheerfulness that creates a bond of vibrancy, orange is the colour of warmth and enthusiasm. This makes it perfect for social spaces like the living room, dining room, and even the balcony to stimulate conversations. 

Purple: Historically associated with royalty and luxury, purple can evoke feelings of elegance, creativity, and spirituality. Lighter shades can create a soft and romantic atmosphere, while darker shades can add drama and sophistication to a space.

Colour Combinations:

1. Pinks & Yellows:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Would you have ever thought that pink and yellow would look good together? While this bold colour combination is definitely out of the box, with the right shades, you can create a truly unique, elegant, and serene environment. Shades like soft, dusty pinks with pops of mustard yellow for warmth and hot pink for boldness can infuse a space with a sense of femininity, playfulness, and modernity.

2. Blue & Coral:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Vibrant, royal blues paired with the softness or the peachiness of coral create a striking and harmonious blend of regal elegance and lively warmth. The vibrant, royal blues command attention and convey a sense of sophistication, depth, and tranquillity. They anchor the space with a rich, luxurious backdrop, evoking feelings of strength and stability while the coral tones add a touch of playfulness, optimism, and a delicate warmth. 

3. Red & Green:

Christmas, all year around? We know what you might be thinking. While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, let’s just keep it to December. But no. We’re talking about red and olive green. The richness and opulence of the red paired with the earthiness of the olive create an environment of refined cosiness. 

4. Black, Grey & Yellow:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Grey, black, and yellow form a daring and contemporary colour combination that exudes sophistication and energy in interior design. The sleekness of black provides a striking contrast to the neutrality of grey, creating a sense of depth and modernity. And the edition of the yellow provides a necessary burst of sunshine and whimsical optimism. This combination is truly chef’s kisses in our book. 

5. Brown & Cream:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

The ultimate cottagecore colour scheme that can help you create a home straight out of the South of France, browns and creams mixed in terms of colour shades and textures can evoke the warmth and simplicity of rural life, reminiscent of quaint cottages nestled amidst serene landscapes.  

6. Black & White:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Nothing is more classic than a black and white colour scheme. Whether it’s interior design, fashion, or graphic design, the timeless elegance of a black and white colour scheme transcends trends and exudes sophistication in any setting. The contrast between the starkness of black and the purity of white creates a dynamic visual impact that is both striking and versatile.

Whether you choose to keep things clean and contemporary with modern home decor to become every minimalist dream home or choose to go down a more eclectic path with a mix of patterns and textures to create a refined space of pure drama, this iconic duo offers endless possibilities that will never go out of style. 

7. Yellow, Green & Red: 

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

A daring colour combination that requires you to be bolder than bold and a maximum maximalist to be able to pull this colour palette of, yellow, green, and red embraces senses of creativity and playfulness. 

8. White, Turquoise & Gold:

Dare we say Santorini vibes? The purity of white, is reminiscent of the white-washed walls that reflect the brilliance of the sunlight, while the shimmering turquoise hues capture the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding sea. Adding gold accents brings a touch of luxury and warmth, mirroring the golden rays of the Mediterranean sun. 

9. Chocolate Brown & Cherry Red:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

The sultriness and allure of a chocolate brown and cherry red colour scheme are second to none, creating a dramatic contrast that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, it creates an aura of timeless elegance and irresistible charm, making it an enticing choice for those seeking to add a touch of seductive sophistication to their interior design.

10. Green Grey Orange: 

If you want to show off your personality and charm, then this colour palette is for you. The freshness and vitality of the green and sudden bursts of vibrancy and warmth from the orange are all anchored by the neutrality that the grey provides. It’s a colour scheme best suited for modern and eclectic interior styles, where experimentation and creativity are celebrated. 

11. White & Red:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

A contemporary colour combination that can help you create a Scandinavian paradise, a white base with pops of red adds a playful and dynamic touch to the design, creating visual interest and a sense of cosiness. 

12. Blue, Pink, & Green:

Pink, blue, and green, when paired together on a riot of patterns and textures can create a colourfully eccentric backdrop whose inability to create a cohesive colour story becomes the perfect colour combination for a maximalist. 

13. Hot Pink & Deep Teal:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Barbie meets contemporary chic in the daring marriage of hot pink and deep teal within interior design. The vivaciousness of hot pink brings forth a sense of youthful exuberance and modernity, of the iconic Barbie aesthetic. Contrasting with this bold hue, deep teal adds a layer of mystery. And when paired together. A dynamic visual interplay is nothing short of spectacular. 

14. Orange & Green:

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

Orange and green - the complementary colour scheme that creates a lively and invigorating ambience that is perfect for a contemporary interior design style. This colour pairing works exceptionally well in spaces where creativity and expression are encouraged, such as artist studios, playrooms, or vibrant living areas.

15. Taupe & Grey: 

15+ Bold Interior Design Colour Palettes You Must Try

As we mentioned at the beginning, being bold doesn’t mean being loud. It just means creating a space that can make a statement. And grey and taupe are a colour scheme that is understated luxury at its best and modern flair at its finest. The greyish-brown of the taupe provides a subtle sense of cosiness and elegance, while the grey brings the contemporary essence it’s known for. 

16. Brown & Pink:

Bare with us for a second. But soft pinks bring that soft girl aesthetic and femininity, and when paired with rich, dark browns for the grounding factor, it creates a sweet earthiness that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a colour combination that not many can pull off, but if done correctly, it can be something truly spectacular. 

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