Ceramic Wooden Texture Platter

₹ 1,050

Platters that have a wooden texture on the base that lend a unique design to the plate. The ceramic material makes serving food, washing and cleaning easy. The classic white and black colors of the platter make the food look aesthetic and stylish. It can be used to serve different types of cuisines and foods like sushi, kebabs, grilled food, starters and more.

Nestip: The black and white textured plates can be paired with round textured pattern plates for an elite dinner serving

Size: Square (S) - 21cm sides
Rectangle (R) - 25cm x 17.5cm

Material: Ceramic

Colour: White and charcoal black

Products Included: 1 platter

Style: Black Square - XP20FCN26
White Square - XP20FCN25
Black Rectangle - XP20FCN24
White Rectangle - XP20FCN28

Customer Reviews

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Rashi Dhingra

Finally my search was over for ceramic wooden texture platter.... it looks so unique