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A perfect home is incomplete without the addition of the right pieces of wall decor. Buy wall hooks, wall plates, wall shelves, and wall art at Nestasia. There is no set way to decorate your walls; it all depends on your preferences. Elegant picture frames, wall mirrors, or even just a few hanging planters could be used to adorn the wall space. It could be wood, plastic, or metal wall decor. Similarly, your home wall decor could be different from your bedroom wall decor. Without any standard rules of wall decoration, you can adorn your walls as you like.

With great furniture, perfect wall colors, and great decor, what’s left to complete the interiors of a home are wall decor products. For large walls and extravagant interior spaces, wall hangings, wall paintings, and wall tapestry are excellent choices. No matter how gorgeous your interior is, dull walls can ruin the overall beauty of the property and also contribute to the dismal atmosphere. Instead, accentuating the walls and enhancing their appearance with wall decor is a fantastic option. You can use several wall decorating ideas in your living room and bedroom. For instance, wall hangings or paintings that complement the design of your home could serve as wall decor in your living room. Mirrors can also be used as wall décor in your bedrooms.

Mirrors are a good alternative if you are not particularly drawn to wall art or artwork. Wall mirrors are excellent for creating the illusion of large spaces and wide areas in your home. It reflects the available space and enhances the beauty of your walls as well as your entire house. If you are fond of wide areas and minimalist furniture, wall accents are a great option. Pictures are the best way to capture your memory forever, and photo frames help keep those moments alive. In addition to decorating empty walls, photo frames serve as wall décor by preserving the precious memories of your family. You can experiment with various patterns and styles of picture frames depending on the size and color of the wall.  If you have a flight of stairs inside your house, hanging photo frames on its walls is an excellent way of decorating your home. You can either use a collage of multiple frames or single photos to adorn the spandrel.

Paintings are the most often used form of wall art, which is why our DIY paint-it-yourself kits are so popular! This is important because it enables you to design a space where you wish to spend time. Displaying that artwork on your walls is a great way to beautify your house, whether you are an obsessive collector of famous antique paintings or you enjoy gathering works by local artists wherever you go. Painting on a blank canvas and utilizing vivid colors to complete the pencil lines is undoubtedly a relaxing activity.

The elements of wall decor have the great advantage of fitting in with any interior design style or color palette. While it can occasionally be challenging to locate furniture and other accessories that go well together and adhere to your planned design style, home wall decor items can be easily adapted to fit into any space by just switching the frame. 

Every space beckons for a focal point. This feature is the best technique to entice visitors into the space since it offers a tantalizing glimpse of things to come. Having said that, the ideal wall art can undoubtedly do the task. Take the living room as an instance. If you hung a stunning work of art over the mantelpiece, the space will suddenly have the focal point it needs. It's superior to the TV, you must agree. However, you need to choose your wall art carefully. When creating a focal point, the size is very crucial. For instance, if the artwork is too tiny, it will be difficult for it to have an impact on the furnishings in the area.

Wall art is a great way to liven up a room if it's appearing a little too neutral and, well, uninteresting. Art can instantly improve a space with increased brightness and depth, whether you want to take on an entire wall's colour scheme or just utilize tiny pieces as accents.

One piece of advice is to really base the entirety of the room's colour scheme on the wall art. Choose two or three colours from the artwork, paint the walls with one of them, and use the other colours to adorn the room with furniture.

Even when you finished a room's décor, have you ever felt that something was still incomplete? People experience this emotion frequently; it is not unusual.

Perhaps a piece of wall decor is what you had been lacking the whole time. The ideal piece of art can serve as the icing on the cake, the piece that unifies everything and gives the room a finished appearance. It is no longer just a space that looks to serve its purpose; rather, it now possesses the desired attribute you see featured in interior design magazines. And to get some unique tips and tricks to decorate your walls, check out our blog on 20 amazing wall decor ideas.

It's essential to customize your walls to provide texture and colour since it's possible for them to look too barren or like large soulless spaces. Many people do this by hanging tapestries or other wall hangings on their walls. They frequently purchase these tapestries locally, but just in case you are not getting the time to go and buy, worry not! Nestasia is here with a variety of tapestries delivering the local flavour on its prints.  Like, a glimpse of a bougainvillea in the streets of Europe or the Sakura festival of Japan, the tapestries will take you back to the moment and place when you first saw it, every time you gaze at it in your house.

You can convey your identity, uniqueness, and lifestyle with the right wall art. Wall art is one of the most effective and greatest ways to express to the world what type of person you are, what you love, what you're passionate about, and what has significance in your life. You may have a wall shelf filled with musical showpieces if you love music and want it to inspire and motivate you everywhere. Well, all of these can be found in your one-stop online destination- Nestasia, the best online home decor store, especially for those walls that surround you, inspire you, and showcase your achievements more proudly than anyone else.

Although wall art is essentially called mural, one can always bring in their creative side and create wall art with simple wall decor elements. Wall art is a new trend for homes and offices, hence, having one at your own home will not only beautify the walls but also fetch you special attention in the world of social media. It's most commonly done as part of one's interior décor. A low-budget furnished space could turn into a chic environment to be reckoned with owing to the collocative impression that gorgeously decked-out wall art will bring to the walls. Think of a house that is so richly decorated with a range of expertly painted wall artworks that it resembles a living exhibition or a museum. When viewing such an area, the fascination is usually unexplainable.

One of the most fundamental principles of interior design is that each space has to have a focal point or a single piece of furnishings or decoration, that will draw attention to it and give guests a sense of what to expect. This emptiness might be filled quickly and made more beautiful with a beautiful piece of wall art. One of the toughest parts of interior design is picking a colour scheme. Finding the colours that best fit the design of the space after narrowing down the selections might be difficult, but not impossible once you have painted a picture in your mind. The finishing touch that ties a space together and gives it a polished appearance is wall art. That added touch might make the house look well-planned rather than merely functional and plain. However, when wall art is painted on a wall, it creates a focus for the eyes to feast on the breathtaking beauty of art.

Think of a recent place you were in when the walls were bare to get a better idea of why wall art is significant in interior design. No matter how wonderful the furniture was, the absence of wall art left the room's atmosphere lacking in individuality. Wall art adds a final touch that harmonizes the room's furnishings, décor, lighting, and colour scheme. Your room will become useful and gorgeous with the correct wall art.

Photos of important people, occasions, and close ones when kept in embellished, decorated photo frames become a particularly unique wall decor that every house showcases. These comprise portraits of the family as a whole, images from important occasions like weddings and family reunions, as well as casual pictures with friends- from the very childhood to hostel times. Our photo frames celebrate a million occasions: His first job, her 21st birthday, Mother’s Day surprise, or your daughter’s first piggyback ride. We always say, “Gone are the good old days…” but our ceramic, resin, acrylic photo frames make sure you always get to see a glimpse as fresh as those moments. Because you might return home after a hard day and not be surrounded by all the people you love, it is crucial to decorate your walls with nostalgic memories. From a small photo frame for the office desk to a large one for the living room, we have them all! Come, check it out!

Within wall decor there are products that you can add to elevate a section of your home like adding a brick wallpaper to create an accent wall or a hanging mirror near the entryway or beside a bookcase to add color and texture to the walls. Other wall decor items include hook boards that are like DIY projects in themselves. These boards come with shelves and pegs, the arrangement of which can be customized to suit the decor of the room and changed as per need. Add planters, artwork, bakers, and other decor pieces to decorate this wall decor item.  

You can order wall decor online after you have decided on the space for adding the wall accents, frames, or hanging planters. Nestasia offers a variety of criteria, including pricing ranges, special offers, and more, to assist you in selecting the ideal wall decor for your modern home. You may get eye-catching, sophisticated wall decor pieces at Nestasia that are both long-lasting and artistic. Additionally, you may quickly and easily have items delivered to your doorstep. Wall decor helps to draw up the eyes to the ceiling and make the home feel more spacious as well as add a well-put-together luxurious look. Thus, choose from an array of wall decor and accents to prep up your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of wall decoration items at Nestasia?

Nestasia offers an array of wall decoration items to uplift the interiors of your home. The wall decoration collection includes wall stickers, wall hooks, clothes hooks, letters wall decor, hanging racks and shelves, designer wall hanging ornaments, Christmas hanging decor, wall hangers, tube vases and planters, wall hanging plates, peg boards, hanging organizers, buntings, hanging mirror, wall tapestry, and much more.

2. Can we use a similar wall shelf for the living room and bedroom?

Yes, if you wish you can use a similar wall shelf for the living room and bedroom. But you can even try our other wall shelves that look absolutely stunning and will uplift the entire vibe of the room. Nestasia has every type of wall shelf that can match will all types of interior designs, so you can go with our wide range of wall shelves for your home.

3. What are the things to consider while buying a wall shelf?

You can consider a few features and parameters like size, material, color, and the number of shelves before buying a wall shelf. The wall shelf should complement the decor of your home. You should also pay attention to how many racks you would need on the wall shelf to keep decor objects, books, or other stuff. The material, whether wood or metal, which one would look good in the space, also becomes an important factor as far as home decor is concerned.

4. How to decorate a wall plate on a wall?

No wall is complete without art or wall decor. Showcase your decoration skill by creating a collection of wall plates on the wall. Wall plates can be used in the dining room, living room, and even bedroom. You can even make a gallery wall across the staircase wall and above the mantle. Use adhesive stickers or a glue gun to stick the wall plate on a wall.

5. What are the different types of wall hooks?

Nestasia has a wide range of wall hooks, from simple to designer ones. There are decorative dove wall hooks, designer metal hooks, and hangers for clothes, keys, and decor objects. We also have golden, floral, musical, and transparent wall hooks that can be placed in any nook and corner. The metal hooks are available in attractive shapes like hexagons, clouds, hearts, text, mountain-shaped, geometric, and others.