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Chrome dinnerware with contrasting colours on in the inner and outer surface. Coffee mug, dinner plate, snack plate, long plate, side bowl, serving bowl, rice bowl, soup bowls, soup spoon, chopstick set and complete dinner set available in yellow and red or yellow and blue. The Chrome collection is a ceramic dinnerware that is not just great to serve but is also microwave safe for heating or baking food. 

Derived from a Greek word "Kroma", the word Chrome actually means colour, which is why it suits the dinnerware so well. Yellow is said to be the colour of food and each individual piece of the dinnerware perfectly represents its utility.

The crockery in the dinner set have a scalloped rim texture on the outer surface, giving each crockery a stylish and unique look. Perfect for all types of Asian and oriental dinners, the Chrome collection is set to elevate the dining setup. 

The Chrome dinnerware can be bought as separate sets like the red dinner set, blue dinner set, snacks crockery set or the plates and bowls can be bought separately. One can easily customize their own dinner setting with so many options to choose from.  

Be it a dinner set for two or for many, your dinner setting is sure to be elevated.