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    When we talk about tableware decor, plates and platters steal the spotlight. Not having to emphasize too much, the right choice of plates and platters goes beyond mere function, to speak and reflect the ambience of your house, cafe, or restaurant. A good plate and platter collection make your food pop and elevate the way it is presented. Nestasia offers a plethora of plates and platters made minutely keeping the choice preference of every individual in mind. Browse through our unique collection of plates and platters to select the best designs and patterns that would suit your dining area. Nestasia’s collection includes an exquisite range of pasta plates, snack plates, dinner plates, long plates, grill plates, section plates, baking plates, small plates, and cheese board platters among a wider range. Whether it is a casual or a formal occasion, our choice of classy plates is going to add shine to any setup. 

    Range of plates

    Nestasia offers a wide spectrum of plates made uniquely to fit seamlessly into the occasion they are used at. Apart from just being visually appealing, these plates are also durable, long-lasting, and multi-functional. Before Nestasia can help you figure out all that it has to offer to you to make your home special, here are a few quick tips to help you choose better.

    • White ceramic plates can never disappoint you! White ceramic dinner plates and snack plates look as elegant as ever and are timeless. Just in case of an accidental fall, they’ll be much easier to replace or pair with other colorful crockeries at home.
    • Investment in both patterned and monotone crockeries and create a perfect balance when you’re bored with either of the two sets as they together would help you create fun and experimental combinations to match with other home decor elements such as vases, wall decor, photo frames, candle holders, and so on. 

    Here’s a list of all that we have:

    • Dinner Plates: Dinner plates are one of the most important parts of dining decor. These are used to serve full meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Browse through our wide collection of ceramic dinner plates and dinner plate sets that come in an array of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. You can also order in bulk with Nestasia for special events such as housewarmings, weddings, and parties. 
    • Snack Plates: Find the ideal snack plates for all your small meals. Scroll through our wide range of small serving plates made minutely in various sizes and quirky shapes for all mealtime requirements. You can also make it multi-functional and use them to serve desserts to impress your guests. Proportion, balance, and craftsmanship are the criteria keeping which in mind we create our unique designs to suit the specific needs of households. 
    • Long Plates: Long plates are essentially longer in shape and are fit for serving snacks and starters. Browse through Netasia’s collection of many long plates that comes in the traditional long rectangular dinner plate-like shapes along with many other designs and shapes. Enhance the food you serve to your guests with our spot-stealing collections. 
    • Small Plates: Next on our platter list are small plates that include both small square plates and circular plates. These plates are apt for serving desserts or any other smaller appetizers like wasabi, sushi, and more. Explore our range of small plates in numerous quirky shapes, textures, colors, and patterns. Find the one for you from a choice of formal to informal designs. 
    • Section Plates: These plates have proper sections to prevent your food from spilling. If you have kids at home, these plates are perfect for them to have their meals on. Additionally, you can also serve nuts, other dry fruits, nachos, dips, and more on these compartment plates. Nestasia has an extensive range of sectional dinner plates and more in various patterns, prints, colors, and sizes. 
    • Pasta Plates: Our broad collection of ceramic pasta plates are a must-have if you are searching for a plate with a depth essentially to prevent any soup from getting spilled and pasta/spaghetti/noodles to be served with ease. Shop the best crockery that would suit your home decor from a large number of options ranging from wide rim pasta plates to more to leave your guests in an energized mood. 
    • Platter: A platter is essentially used to serve multiple dishes together. Nestasia’s range of platters is what you need to add class and elegance to your serveware. Our multi-functional serving platters can be also used as cheese boards, platter trays/dishes, cheese platters, dry fruit platters, snack platters, and much more. 

    Shape of Plates

    Nestasia has a varied choice when it comes to fun, quirky and out-of-the-box designs for a platter. Choose from a variety of round plates, square plates, triangular plates, oval plates, geometrical plates, and more. You can also explore some fun shapes such as leaf-shaped plates, heart-shaped plates, shell plates, and ice cream-shaped plates amongst others. 

    Color of Plates

    Nestasia’s plates come in many colors across the color spectrum. From fun pastels to modern soft tones, you would get colors to match every mood and occasion. Some of our best-selling colors are black, white, grey, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple and their shades. 

    The patterns and prints of each dinner plate are unique. From florals, textures, prints, marble patterns, stripes, spirals, teardrops, to many abstract prints and more, the options are endless. 

    Price of Plates

    When it comes to the platter and plate prices, Nestasia has a plate and platter for you no matter what your budget is. We have highly durable, multi-friendly plates and platters at budget-friendly prices. Shop the best plates online featuring never-seen-before designs. Serve your guests in the best way possible by setting the right mood, thereby leaving a lasting impression.