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Exploring The Unique Collection Of Modern Contemporary Showpieces And Decor Online

Modern contemporary showpieces are unique decor objects that add personality to our homes. From vases, photo frames, and wall art, to indoor planters, lamps, mirrors, and even dried flowers and fragrances, contemporary home decor items are used to bring life to our homes.

What are Modern Contemporary Showpieces? How are they Unique?

Modern contemporary showpieces are decorative items designed to add aesthetic appeal and artistic flair to a space. What makes them unique is their ability to stand out from the crowd, no matter where they are placed, and that’s due to their forward-thinking designs and use of innovative materials, all while challenging the boundaries of traditional design. 

Discover Contemporary Design To Make A Modern Interior In Your Home At Nestasia

Nestasia’s collection of contemporary showpieces exudes minimalistic designs, warm, bold colours, and metallic finishings that add a sophisticated flair to your space. 

Modern Vases

Nestasia’s modern vases are the perfect contemporary addition to your home. Featuring bold colors and unique designs that exude sophistication, take advantage of Nestasia’s collection of modern vases and add dimension to your space. 

Hand Statue Showpieces

Contemporary hand showpieces, with their avant-garde designs and artistic allure, have the remarkable ability to transform and elevate the ambiance of a space. Moreover, it creates a sense of connection within the room. Explore Nestasia’s hand statue showpieces and other contemporary showpieces that feature unique materials and add some texture and charm to your space. 

Dinner Sets

Dinner sets are a crucial element in any house, as they help create a modern and inviting atmosphere for shared meals. Nestasia’s dinner sets feature clean lines, innovative shapes, and modern materials, bringing a touch of sophistication to the dining table. 

Picture Photo Frames

Nestasia’s modern contemporary photo frame collection features regal metallic finishes, interesting designs that have delicate features, and unique designs that are perfect for showcasing fond memories that have been cherished over the years.

Spa Bath Sets

Nestasia’s spa bath sets are not just an essential that will help you create an organized vanity top, but they’re also a wonderful visually aesthetic addition to your bathroom. With bold colour-blocking patterns, whimsical face designs, and interesting use of materials, Nestasia’s spa bath sets are a must-have contemporary showpiece for your bathrooms. 

Modern Decor Items

From animal figurines that bring a touch of nature indoors to abstract contemporary showpieces that redefine artistic expression, Nestasia’s collection of modern contemporary home decor items captures a diverse and captivating range of styles.  

How To Choose The Perfect Contemporary Living Decor Items To Make Your Home More Attractive?

When designing your home, one of the most frequent and, quite honestly, most important questions asked is, “How does one choose the perfect contemporary living decor items?”. Well, the answer is quite simple. You must ensure that the modern contemporary home decor reflects your style. You see, the most important thing to remember is that your home and the home decor items you include are all extensions of your personality. Whether it’s soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, cushion covers, candle stands, glassware, or even cookware, every item in your home is a reflection of you. 

How to Care for Modern Contemporary Showpieces?

Cleaning modern contemporary showpieces involves a combination of activities to keep your contemporary home decor pieces in pristine condition. Proper cleaning techniques that are applied regularly while also mindfully handling your modern contemporary showpieces are paramount to their care. To help you maintain your modern contemporary home decor pieces from Nestasia, we’ve listed a care guide below: 

Dust regularly: Dust is one of the main causes that makes your modern contemporary showpieces look dull. Dusting regularly with a microfiber cloth avoids build-ups. 

Avoid harsh products: Harsh detergents can damage the appearance and materials of your modern contemporary home decor pieces. Ensure to opt for mild, non-abrasive detergents. 

Avoid or limit sun exposure: Direct sunlight can damage or fade certain materials; therefore, try placing your modern contemporary showpieces away from direct sunlight. Nestip: rotate where you place your contemporary showpieces to ensure even exposure to light and prevent uneven wear.

Gentle cleaning techniques: The key word here is gentle. Avoid applying pressure and harsh rubbing when cleaning your modern contemporary showpieces, especially if the modern contemporary home decor items have delicate features. 

Explore Other Categories at Nestasia


They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where great food is made, allowing friends and family to gather and create great memories that are seasoned with love. But the major ingredient for making great food is quality kitchenware. Nestasia offers a wide variety of cookware that includes ceramic and glass cooking pots and cast iron cookware, along with all the essential bakeware items, such as baking dishes, bakings trays, and moulds, that help you create delicious meals and delectable treats every day. 

Dining ware

From everyday meals to intimate dinner parties with your closest friends and family members, the dining table is the place where we all gather to enjoy mouth-watering meals and share tales of the day that’s just passed. And having quality dinnerware makes these occasions feel special. From table mats and table linen to the entire dinner set that includes dinner plates, snack plates, platters, and bowls, along with some stylish yet elegant glassware, cutlery, and dinnerware, every single thing enhances the overall dining experience, elevating not just the presentation of the food but also the ambiance of the entire gathering. 

Home Decor

Every home needs home decor to add personality and bring each space to life. Whether it's decor objects like animal figurines or modern contemporary showpieces, candles, baskets, or even something as simple as tissue boxes, home decor allows for creative expression, enabling homeowners to curate an environment that resonates with them. Explore Nestasia’s wide collection of chic contemporary showpieces that will bring a touch of elegant quirk to your home. 

Wall Decor

Wall decor and wall art are the quintessential home decor pieces that can completely transform any space. Any wall in a particular space, with well-curated art pieces that perfectly complement each other to create a focal point, is the pièce de résistance of interior design. This carefully selected ensemble not only serves as a visual anchor but also encapsulates the essence of the entire room, adding a touch of sophistication and personal flair. Nestasia offers a range of wall art and wall decor items that exude vibrant colors, elegant designs, and artistic flair that effortlessly complement diverse tastes and interior styles.  

Women’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for your special missus can be tough. You would obviously want it to be something she likes and will cherish. But more importantly, you want it to be something unique—something that most people haven’t seen before and would want to have. That’s why we at Nestasia have curated a special collection of women’s day gifts, perfect for all the special women in your life. Whether it's your mom, wife, daughter, or even a friend, Nestasia’s selection ranges from whimsical wall decor pieces to bags and accessories, kitchenware, vases and so much more. Explore Nestasia to find the perfect ‘something special’ for her! 

Cake Stands

Whether you're an advanced baker who takes pride in showcasing their creations or regularly hosts afternoon tea parties, cake stands are a delightfully quirky little addition to your dinner table. Explore Nestasia’s collection of cake stands, which will instantly elevate all your mouth-watering treats and have them racing off the stands. 

Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Modern Contemporary Showpieces And Decor?

Unique designs: From animal figurines and modern contemporary statues to regal photo frames and abstract contemporary home decor pieces, Nestasia offers a wide selection of unique designs that will fill any space. 

Wide collection: Nestasia’s wide range of contemporary decor pieces are the missing pieces you need to create your dream home that will show off your personality and express your unique style. 

Premium quality: Nestasia takes pride in ensuring all our modern contemporary showpieces are made from high-quality materials, thus providing the best contemporary home decor items that will enter any home. 


What materials are used in the contemporary style of decor?

Contemporary home decor and contemporary showpieces use a range of very specific materials that help us create a modern contemporary home ambience. These materials include: 

Glass provides transparency and a sense of openness. It is often used for tables, countertops, and decorative elements.

Metals like chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel are often used in contemporary decor pieces to add a sleek and polished finish to contemporary showpieces. 

Natural stones like ceramic and wood are most commonly seen in contemporary home decor to add texture and dimension to spaces. 

Where is the contemporary style most commonly used?

While there is no specific space or place where contemporary styles and contemporary home decor are used, they are most commonly used in modern homes that place an emphasis on open spaces and functionality. 

How does modern-contemporary design differ from modern and contemporary design?

For most, modern contemporary showpieces often mean the same things as contemporary home decor or modern decor. However, the truth of the matter is that all three are different concepts and each has its own distinct characteristics. 

Modern Home Decor

Modern home decor draws inspiration from the mid-20th century modern design movement. Often, you find clean lines and open spaces that focus on minimalism and functionality. Moreover,  modern home decor confines its colour palette to neutral tones that feature bold accents in moderation. Furthermore, you will often find modern home decor in materials like glass, metal, and natural woods. 

Contemporary Home Decor

Contemporary home decor is a dynamic design movement that adheres to the current trends that are going on. This means that it’s not tied to or draws inspiration from a specific time period, allowing people to be more free and experimental with their home decor. While it also uses a neutral colour palette, it's more diverse in terms of textures, materials, and shapes. 

Modern-Contemporary Home Decor

As the name suggests, modern-contemporary home decor is a blend of both the styles. It includes clean lines, simplicity, and functionality from modern design while also incorporating the flexibility, eclecticism, and current trends associated with contemporary design. This style allows for a balance between timeless elements and the latest design innovations.

Modern Contemporary Pricing

Product Name Price
Stacked Modern Sphere Sculpture Black And Gold Rs.3550
Minimalist Black Ribbed Pedestal Vase Rs.1092
Wabi Sabi Lines Metal Wall Art Decor 23x15 Inch Rs.3490
Scandi Pedestal Floor Vase Pink Rs.3439
Minimal Geometric Ceramic Flower Pot White Rs.1434
3D Framed Artwork For Accent Wall Decor 20x16 Inch Rs.3090
Black Gold Carnation Flower Wall Decor Rs.1190