Crystal Wine Glass Set of 2

₹ 520

Wine is not a solitary but the most sociable drink, and the tall wine glass is just the thing one needs to serve the favorite bottle of wine to someone special, be it white or red. The glass allows swerving the wine without any spillage, thereby getting rid of stains. The red wine glass has a round, wide bowl, like balloon glasses. The convenient shape of the bowl increases the exposed surface area of the wine, allowing more oxygen to interact with the liquid that helps smoothen the complex flavor of the wine. The embossed surface of the glass adds a luxurious touch to the entire process of wine tasting and drinking. The glass allows the regulation of aroma and calms the senses.

Nestip: Make a set of wine glasses to gift to a wine connoisseur.

Size: 17cm H x 9cm diameter

Color: Transparent

Material: Glass

Products included: 1 set of 2 glasses of the same color

Linear- F02M21F13
Prismatic- F02M21F14

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Moumita Basu

Crystal Wine glass set are really beautiful... Check them out.