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Dinner Set is much more than crockery for home. You can call it what you like -  dinner set, dinnerware, tableware, serveware, crockery set, crockery, plate and bowls set, or dinner set crockery. A dinner set not only defines the dining experience, but it also defines family time at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dinnerware can enhance the meal and set the mood for it. Selecting the right kitchen crockery is about matching your tableware or serveware just with the way you like to eat and entertain. A good choice of dinnerware will have the right balance of style and practicality for your household/ kitchen/ restaurant and also be well suited not only for your table but also for the way you cook and present your food. 

Hence, it is extremely important to select just the right kind of crockery that enhances your dining experience. Nestasia has just the perfect dinner sets that would amp up your dining decor. All of our dinner sets have unique designs that help add a personal touch to your space while also enhancing its beauty, whether your style revolves around things simple or extravagant. Along with that, they have what is the perfect combination of utility, and elegance that blends perfectly with your table or serveware. 

Nestasia offers a plethora of tableware set collections. Hence, it can become tricky to choose the ideal dish sets. If you are looking forward to a choice of dinner sets for a formal setup, it would be ideal to go for the minimalist ones with sober and soft color tones. For an informal dinner setup, you can choose one for some quirky colors, artistic patterns, and even experimental shapes. 

Scroll through a range of sets from dinner sets for 2 to dinnerware sets for 8. Choose the ones that steal your heart and leave your guests impressed. 

Types of Nestasia Dinner Sets

If you are looking for a dinner set online for purposes like a dinner set for gifting, a dinner set for a wedding gift, a dinner set for kids, or more, look no further. Whether it is a formal dinner set, traditional dinner set, modern dinner set, or dinner set for casual dinners - you've hit the right place. Nestasia has a wide range of ceramic dinner sets to choose from. We not only give you the option to purchase a complete dinner set but also the flexibility to mix and match from a range of ceramic plates and bowls. You can tailor make a dinner set, whether it is a dinner set for 2 people, a dinner set for 4, or even a dinner set for 12.

Browse through the wide collection of our dinnerware sets and choose the perfect one for you. Some of the show stoppers from our wide range include- 

  • CARA collection
  • The CARA collection contains the best ceramic dinner plates. Shop from a range of traditional round and quirky square plates that come in shades of white, gray, and green. For microwave-friendly plate sets, shop the gray dinner sets

  • Ombre collection
  • If elegance is what you seek, then our ombre dinnerware collection is just the perfect match for you. This collection is essentially made with a blend of perfect eye-soothing colors that are aesthetically pleasing. Browse through a variety of tea sets, deep plates, serving bowls, serving plates, and much more that come in colors that please the eyes. You can also choose to have or not have accessories such as handles, lids, and more. The best part about our Ombre collection is that you can customize your own plate set with your favorite colors to create a set suited to your taste in crockery. 

  • Ceramic stoneware dinner sets
  • Our extensive range of ceramic stoneware dinner sets subtly adds simplicity to your dining decor. These are ceramic dinnerware sets that come with an elegant stoneware finish thereby making them stand out from the rest. Browse through the blue, grey, and pink color options and choose your favorite. 

  • Nitori Collection
  • Our Nitori collection is inspired by 'Shibori' which is a famous Japanese art form. The complete collection is microwave friendly. The entire collection is made of pretty patterns in white and indigo that are hand-painted uniquely. Scroll and choose your favorite from a huge range of crockery and cutleries which include ceramic spoons, ceramic bowls, bakeware, platters, chopsticks, and much more. On the contrary, you can also opt for the complete dinnerware sets of 33 pieces. 

  • VERA Collection
  • Take your luxury dining decor game a notch higher with our exclusive VERA collection. This collection is a reflection of modern-day crockery that blends perfectly with both formal and casual setups seamlessly. 

    Explore a range of bespoke table dinner sets that comes in various colors such as black, white, green, blue, and pink

  • Modern Minimalist Collection
  • Nestasia’s modern minimalist dinnerware sets collection is a flawless blend of minimalist crockery, giving your dining room the touch of sheer elegance. Numerous designs are made minutely with exceptional detail perfectly mixed with bright and impactful colors. This collection is the perfect choice when it comes to food photography for the bright colors of the crockery sets make the food pop. 

    1. Other collections
    • Azure mint collection: Browse through a variety of dinnerware collections in subtle white and mint colors. 
    • Hearts collection: Scroll through a collection of pretty sets that come in subtle blush pink color options. 
    • Mandala collection: Choose from a range of artistic mandala designs in numerous eye-pleasing colors. 
    • Marble Collection: Shop from an elegant collection of dinnerware sets with a marble finish. 
    • Kids Collection: Witness a collection made especially for kids with cute cartoon characters and accents. 
    • Earthy Collection: Get table dinner set in rustic and earthy tones and colors. 
    • Sleek Collection: Explore a range of textured dinner sets. 

    How should you choose a dinner set that suits you?

    With the multiple options available, selecting one dinner set can be difficult. Choosing a dinnerware set with an elevated border or rim detail will add color and persona while still showcasing the meal itself. For the more informal dinners, make a splash with the colours and patterns that are attractive. Be adventurous and consider going with crockery sets that are trend-driven. If you are purchasing for longevity and do not like to experiment a lot with crockery, a classic or solid white dinner set is a timeless, versatile option. 

    The shape of your dinner plates can also change the tone of your serving. While square plates, oblong plates, and oval plates have an edgier, contemporary appeal, round dinner plates retain the classic appeal. For large gatherings, consider serving bowls and platters that are microwave safe for quicker heating and serving. 

    When you look for a dinner set online at Nestasia, the dinner set price no more remains a concern. There is no right or wrong way of selecting a dinner set - make your own dinner set from the collection that suits your budget, occasion, and family size. The style of your dinner set will reflect your personal taste and bring you pleasure every time you set the table.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which dinner set is best for daily use?

    The best dinner set for daily use is one that is durable, versatile, and easy to clean. In Nestasia's collection, the microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe dinner sets have been crafted keeping these 3 very important things in mind. Ceramic dinner sets are a good choice because they are chip-resistant and can withstand frequent use. Additionally, Nestasia's ceramic dinner sets with simple, classic designs can be used for both formal and casual occasions, making them a versatile choice for daily use.

    Which material is better for a dinner set?

    There are several materials used for dinner sets, each with its own advantages. Ceramic dinner sets are popular choices as they are durable, lightweight, and chip-resistant. Stoneware and earthenware sets are also durable but can be heavier and less resistant to chipping. Ultimately, the best material for a dinner set depends on individual preferences and needs. Nestasia has a wide range of dinner sets of both ceramic and stoneware from which one can choose according to their own choice. 

    What to look for when buying a dinner set?

    When buying a dinner set, some factors like the size and number of pieces in the set, material and durability, and the design and style, including color, pattern, and shape are to be considered. Additionally, consider whether the set is dishwasher and microwave safe. All these requirements are always a priority for Nestasia's dinner sets as they have been handmade keeping these in check. 

    How do you arrange a dinner set?

    Arrange a dinner set by starting with a placemat or tablecloth to create a base for the set. Place the dinner plate in the center of the placemat or tablecloth, with the salad plate or bowl above it. Arrange the flatware on either side of the plate, with the knife on the right, fork on the left, and spoon to the right of the knife. All of these requirements can be fulfilled through Nestasia's dinnerware collection.

    How long does a ceramic dinner set last?

    The lifespan of a ceramic dinner set depends on various factors, such as the quality of the material, frequency of use, and how well it is maintained. Nestasia's premium quality ceramic dinner set can last for several years to a decade or more with proper care. However, accidental drops or exposure to high heat can cause the set to chip or crack, shortening its lifespan.

    Are dinner sets dishwasher safe?

    Many dinner sets are dishwasher safe, but it depends on the specific material and design of the set. However, Nestasia's ceramic and stoneware sets are typically safe for dishwasher use, but delicate or hand-painted designs or the gold detailed ones aren't. 

    What should one keep in mind when purchasing dinner sets online?

    When purchasing dinner sets online, it's important to check the material of the dinner set and make sure it is of good quality and durable, which is assured by Nestasia. Look for the number of pieces included in the set and ensure it meets your needs. Perhaps, the most important of all is to read the reviews before making the purchase to ensure customer satisfaction. Nestasia has always focused on customer satisfaction and thus, has always worked towards bringing in the better and best of crockery.

    What are the benefits of buying dinner set?

    The benefits of buying dinner sets are that dinner sets provide a uniform and coordinated look to your table, enhancing the overall dining experience. They are a cost-effective and convenient way to purchase matching tableware that can be used for daily meals or special occasions. Dinner sets can also save space in your kitchen cabinets by stacking easily and efficiently.

    What are the types of dinner sets available at Nestasia?

    Nestasia offers a variety of dinner sets to suit different needs and preferences, including ceramic dinner sets with intricate designs and patterns, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your table. Stoneware dinner sets that are durable and versatile, suitable for everyday use or special occasions are also included in the collection. Ceramic dinner sets are lightweight and unbreakable, making them ideal for outdoor dining or family gatherings with kids.