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Decor is essentially the determining factor of a curator’s taste and preference. The ambiance of any space is heavily influenced by the home’s decor and appearance. The spirit of the people living in the house is affected by the home decor or it may be apprehended that the decor reflects the aura of inhabitants like a newly polished mirror. The way we furnish our home gives us the freedom to create the sort of environment we want, and it also says volumes about our personalities, moods, and inclination. Therefore, it's necessary to pay attention to the minor details while amping up the area. An attractive home is beneficial in spreading an aura of relaxation and calms the soul in an instant, that’s why the moment we step into our humble abode, we know it’s our home sweet home, isn’t it? Adding fancy embellishments and ornamental elements to spaces may help them look more captivating.

Be it your new home after moving out or the same ol’ apartment, the thought of home decoration items anyway knocks op the doors of our minds the moment we casually scroll through social media. And, your one-stop destination for all charming home decor accessories online is here, at Nestasia. A nest of collected beauties across Central and South Asian countries, bestowed in an elaborate royal platter of collections. Excelling in showcasing a wide range of home decorations, Nestasia is thriving to bring a state-of-the-art collection right in your grasp, and of course to your doorstep. From eye-catching modern, minimalistic, vintage, eclectic, glam to homely shabby chic, you name it…we have it all! Whether it’s decorative items for living room or decorative items for bedroom, get your choice of home decor items online at Nestasia to transform the interiors.

When we say ‘revamp’, certainly changing the color of the house is not the only priority. The empty walls, and lonely shelves- they too need a touch-up. While surfing through the popular blogs and guides for home decor ideas, the childhood favorites must never be forgotten. Decorating on your own gives you the liberty to exhibit the collectibles leisurely. Nestasia has a multitude of vases, centerpieces, stationery items, and decoration objects such as home articles, photo frames, decorative boxes, and wall decor in its home decor online collection. Our alluring range consists of a multiverse of showpieces for home decor, wall hangings, games, handicraft articles, clayey pots, desi showpieces with vibrant patterns, photo frames, mirrors, candle holders, votives, trinket trays, taper candles, wall organizers, wall shelves, shelves, tea light holders, etc. meant for livening up the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining area.

Photo Frames

Photo frames not only convey the artistic sensibility of the people who live in the house, but they also define the spirit and essence of the culture ingrained in the residence. The type of art you portray will reveal your level of inventiveness. As a result, picture frames are an important aspect of the homeowner's interior decor. It is usually given the least priority and dealt with at the execution of the complete home decor, but the reality is that it should be a part of the entire home decor from the onset. Photo frames can be the storytellers of glorious moments and family histories. They also portray the curator’s artistic taste. With ornamental frames, one can choose to preserve moments in a shimmery-pearly way. So, in conclusion, it can be said that the photo frames can convey fond messages and life stories in a circle, rectangle, or square. A box of a thousand treasures, a photo frame it is!

Nestasia’s photo frames are here to suit all aesthetics and needs, whether it’s for your own home decoration or as a gifting option to loved ones, or colleagues. We have photo frames that feature gorgeous stone embellishments and even minimalistic sleek metallic photo frames. The heart-shaped photo frames can be used to perfectly house photographs of your loved ones. The rectangular sleek photo frames can be used as corporate gifting options or for gifting to colleagues on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The smaller photo frames can be placed on the bed-side table to add a personal touch to the home decor, while the larger photo frames can be used for placing family photographs or collages on the mantle top.

Our photo frames have slots that enable them to be hung on walls while those equipped with stands at the back can be placed on the mantle top and the corner table. Photo frames are not only meant to hold photos together but they also bring together our memories, so that they can forever be cherished. As precious as the memories in the photos are, it is worth it to make sure the photo frames are chosen in accordance with the home decor setup, in terms of colour code and aesthetic, whether it’s vintage, glam, or modern and minimalistic. The best photo frames not only provide a space to house your photos but also enhance the style quotient of the room.

Candles and votives 

Candles are a magnificent way to add warmth to your house or create an alleviating milieu at an in-house celebration. Lighting a candle also helps to relax and calm your mind, body, and soul by creating a serene and soothing atmosphere. Candles were once the major source of illumination, but they are now more widely utilized as aesthetic ornaments, or for their calming and relaxing features. All decorative elements and accessories, to create a coherent image, should suit the interior style of your home. You have the choice to pick the perfect candle holder that suits your décor from Nestasia’s large assortment of candle holders, which ranges from gorgeous metal candle holders to exquisite glass candle holders. Investing in candle holders is the ideal way to add a beautiful touch to your home decor or to provide a distinctive touch to the rooms, in general, and in particular, for other occasions.

While all candles provide a sense of serenity, choosing a scented candle that matches your mood can be extremely beneficial. All of our fragrant candles are infused with high-quality and natural aromatherapy oils that are intended to elicit a sense of serenity and relaxation. The tranquil scent of our fragrant candles will help you create your own at-home spa. It is excellent for reducing stress, depression, and anxiety as well as for fostering a general atmosphere of calm. Because paraffin-scented candles are unhealthy, we source candles made exquisitely of natural materials. The natural aromas of our candles’ calm fragrance, complement the pleasant light and help create a beautiful ambiance, making them an excellent way to calm the body and mind.

Candles are a wonderful way to make your home seem cozy and stylish. Even if the candles are unscented, they serve the function of making a home attractive and colorful without using any artificial lighting. No matter where you chose to put the candles, they will ultimately result in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both you and your guests. Nestasia’s votive candles feature a handy and compact form, and when paired up with other home decor items for living room, can help you reflect the theme of your home decor products setup. They can be used to line the centre of the dining table, or you can group them with other room decor elements like flowers and houseplants to make table centrepieces. For a more dynamic appearance, you can also combine contrasting colours or lighter and darker tints of the same colour.

Nestasia’s votive candle holders and votives, which range from mercury-flecked finish candle holders to tea light holders with elaborate cut-out embellishments, can provide beautiful flickering reflections at the home decor setup. Votive candles will enhance the home decor whether you want to have a party or a gathering in an indoor or outdoor area. The candles by Nestasia can be utilised as centrepieces for rooms that are indoors, and can also be placed in wall votive candle holders and hanging chandeliers. 

Air Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are a must-have for creating a nice and refreshing ambiance in your house. They make you feel comfortable, rested, and relaxed. A diffuser is an excellent method to use essential oils in your home since it converts them into droplets and releases them into the air. The droplets also penetrate into our skin, reducing skin issues.

Diffusers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to use the advantages of aromatherapy. There's a reason why so many individuals use aromatherapy after a stressful day at work. It's a terrific method to relax in the evenings because of the soft scents and relaxing effects. You can use diffusing essential oils alone or along with another activity to unwind. Diffuse the essential oils, for instance, while engaging in another relaxing activity, such as taking a bath, practicing some simple yoga poses, or engaging in a brief period of meditation. Even just taking a few minutes during the day to practice self-care, whether it is aromatherapy or something else, will lift your spirits. Beyond the self-care component, the numerous advantages of essential oil diffusers work together to improve mood and heighten emotions of contentment and enjoyment. Aromatherapy can help you feel better whether you're in a good mood or feeling a little down.

Potpourri (Dried Flowers and Fragrance)

Fresh bouquets are lovely, but dried flower arrangements have a certain appeal of their own. They keep considerably longer than blossoms, don't alter color or form, and don't need to be watered or clipped, trimmed, or manicured. You may choose to be mind-blowing and dramatic or little and charming with dried flower arrangements as part of your home decor. A mix of dried flowers with herbs and essential oils can be put in a bowl as potpourri. The premise of potpourri originated with the French, who have strung dried flowers in bowls in their houses since the beginning, and it has gradually gained popularity across the world. Place them on top of a cabinet, console table, or other surfaces in your house to add natural texture and elegance to the rooms.

Nestasia sources potpourris from local artisans who choose high-quality flowers and petals, following which they are dried and dyed naturally. The hues that have been chosen for the potpourri mix consist of subdued tones of garden green, golden, natural ivory white, rose pink, and woody pinecones. The dried flower petals have been picked and sifted through a meticulous process of handpicking by artisans who dye the decorations naturally without any use of chemicals or other inorganic substances. The potpourri will help create a soothing vibe at home on special occasions such as festivals and get-togethers by placing the decoration in a glass jar or wooden bowl and spraying it with fragrant essential oils.

Nestasia offers eight fragrance options- lavender, lemongrass, mogra, jasmine, sweet vanilla, orange, raspberry, and sweet strawberry- to complement the mix. Potpourris are renowned for their opulent appearance and delightful scent. The perfume of the flowers is not something that they naturally possess. A potpourri will retain the fragrance for a long time and can refresh its surroundings. Once the retained scent of the potpourri is finished, the fragrance can be restored. When selecting a potpourri, you can make it fit your personal scent by opting for your choice of essential oils.


Vases are undoubtedly among the chicest home decor items, whether they are table vases or floor-length vases. Vases are a quick and simple home design item that may naturally liven up your room and enhance all your home accessories. Vases, as a bedroom decoration item,  filled with flowers or plants spread good vibes around the house and brighten up corners with bright colours. Vases help create the ideal atmosphere whether you fill your vase with a seasonal bouquet of fresh flowers or something more rustic like our dried flower sticks or artificial flowers and artificial leaves that make for stunning home decoration pieces. The perfect vase with the perfect decoration ideas will instantly liven up the interiors of your home, whether it’s the festive season or a weekend get-together.

The right flower vase can make a world of difference when showcasing lovely blooms, whether you need a number of colorful and festive arrangements for a holiday party, a set of coordinated centrepieces for an elegant wedding, a few casual bouquets for a garden luncheon, or a striking arrangement for a business dinner. However, choosing the ideal flower vase should not be challenging as we at Nestasia, have flower vases for all purposes and occasions. A vase can be used for much more than just holding water for garden-cut flowers. The ideal vase, as a room decoration item,  will support blossoms in the optimal position and assist a flower arrangement to maintain its shape for the most appealing display throughout your occasion. Vases can be used to decorate dining or buffet tables, mantles, altars, foyers, bathrooms, and other areas with dramatic focal points and accents. But the right flowers must be combined with the right vase in order for them to serve all of these purposes effectively.

Nestasia’s ceramic vases come in both glazed and matte finishes that vary in styles from eclectic and modern. We have the traditional cylindrical vases that are spacious and can be used to fit flower bouquets, while the abstract clay vases pair beautifully with dried flower sticks. Our mini vases can be placed on the tabletop to be used solely as a decorative item for living room decor or placed on the corner table to be used as a decorative item in the bedroom. Nestasia’s glass vases come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. The cut glass vases feature intricate designs and textures, making for stunning home decor items to add an opulent touch to the room decor.


An interior designer's best friend is mirrors. With good reason, too! Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be utilised in several ways for home decor, instead of just being placed on the vanity. Mirrors can be utilised in an interesting fashion, to change the appearance of dreary corners or plain corridors in addition to the obvious (and most practical) usage as something to check your appearance in. It enhances the aesthetics of an area while also making dark spaces appear lighter and small spaces appear larger. Mirrors can be used as a decorative accent in a variety of design styles, including modern, vintage, shabby chic, and ethnic Indian. Choose some that are straightforward or complicated, big or tiny, and use your creativity to arrange them tastefully in your home. They can also be utilised to cover up flaws on the wall or more creatively as a vintage inspired corner.

Nestasia gives options for handheld mirrors, wall mirrors, and table mirrors. The double-sided mirrors show a magnified image on one side while the opposite side shows the true reflection. The magnified image is a vanity necessity to get that eyeliner on point or get the makeup right. The mirrors show the precise reflection with their high-quality form and also make for stylish home accessories. Our handheld mirrors are perfect for travels as they’re compact and can be carried along. Our mirror with stand is adjustable and can also be rotated to get that perfect angle for vanity purposes. Our ornate-designed mirrors provide a Victorian and vintage look that makes for a centrepiece on the table and can also be used as photography props.

Nestasia’s range of modish and chic mirrors are as functional as they are stylish and provide the perfect home decor element. Mirrors are pretty indispensable and their functionings have gone beyond vanity. With Nestasia’s home decor online shopping range of mirrors, you get form and functionality combined for the perfect home decor and room decor ideas.

Decor Objects

When we talk about decor objects, a few things which are bound to float into your imagination are mirrors, trinket trays, and various kinds of wall decor. In today's definition of home decor, mirrors are a must-have element. With the introduction of mirrors into the list of home decor items, a plethora of innovative concepts have arisen. The presence of mirrors assists us to enhance the room's magnitude. It creates the appearance of space, which is very useful in tiny areas, and it also helps to brighten the atmosphere. Bathrooms, dressing rooms, and living rooms are all good places to put mirrors- both hanging or with a stand. While we all like to get our hands on ornamental accessories, it’s important to give them a bedrest- a rather decorous one! Trinket trays, come in assistance, to keep all of them in one spot. You don't have to limit yourself to using them to keep your bracelets and rings; cufflinks, car keys, and other essential items can also be placed on the tray. Nestasia’s home decor objects and showpiece for home, available in a range of sizes and styles can transform any corner of the room and elevate the interiors with ease. 

Wall Decor

Wall decorations are a terrific way to add some color and vibrancy to the room and it can be easily done through the purchase of home decoration items online. Because, why will the walls be left out of a charming new look? Whether you want to paint a whole wall or just use small showpieces for home decor, art and decor can instantly transform a space by adding brightness and depth. Our wall decor features metallic butterfly stickers enabling a creative arrangement, wall planters, photo frames, festive special hangings, wall hooks, and wall shelves. Our wall hooks and hangings are not only decorative elements for the home but also function as multipurpose organisers.


Nestasia’s decorative boxes not only add a decorative element to the home decor but also make for utilitarian storage essentials. The boxes can be used for storing and organizing knick-knacks or as gift boxes. Our boxes comprise exquisite handmade Sabai storage baskets and wooden trays that add an earthy element to the home. Our ceramic mini jars can be used for placing trinkets or carrying moisturizers and lotions during travels. The boxes come in varying sizes and styles to suit all necessities and aesthetics. From storing condiments to organising jewellery, Nestasia’s boxes are full of versatility and utility.

Things to consider while buying

  • Try to match the showpieces for home with your existing interior. You can opt for our home decoration items online that contrast the curtains or your walls, while maintaining the correct aesthetic, of modern, shabby chic, or traditional.
  • Try to create a matching duo of the room decoration items. Most of our showpieces for home feature the same design but different colors, and pairing them up can create an aesthetic room decor.
  • The decor objects should be placed wisely so that they balance each other and the space does not look too crowded. If you want to brighten a dull corner, opt for our metallic golden showpieces or opt for a minimalistic showpiece for an already decorated space.

So, come, and decorate your living space with Nestasia! Gift your home, a little something, for the gift of homeliness it gives you.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to choose décor items for home?

Decor items are the perfect way to freshen or add a new look to a room. Nestasia has a range of showpieces, wall hangings, and flower vases available in varying styles that can be placed in colours contrasting the walls or existing decor items. Minimal decor items can be placed in the room for a modernistic look while metal candle stands or wall hangings add a more eclectic look to the decor.

2. What should be included in office décor?

Nestasia has a plethora of options to help one revamp the office decor. Incorporate our dried flowers paired with Nestasia's range of flower vases to place on the tabletop. Wall organisers make for a sleek and utilitarian addition to the office decor, enabling one to organise papers and documents. The cylindrical ceramic organisers can function as pen stands. Add a personal touch to the space by placing a family photo in our photo frames.

3. How to use mirrors for home decor?

Mirrors are a great choice to implement into the home decor & deck up the vanity or make a space look bigger, & brighter when hung on the wall. Nestasia has a range of handheld mirrors that exude a vintage charm while the mirrors with trays are a utilitarian addition to the vanity table. Our wall mirrors and hanging mirrors are the perfect addition to a modern home decor.

4. What are some of the trendy home decorating ideas for this year?

Sustainability and 3D Art are the leading trending home decorating ideas and Nestasia is here to help with them. The 3D Butterfly wall stickers are the perfect way to beautify the wall and give one the freedom to arrange the stickers any way they wish. The dried flowers by Nestasia comprise dried cattail stems, sola vase fillers, dried pine cones, and dried Lotus pods that'll help one set a sustainable decor corner.

5. What are the best home decor gift items?

Nestasia with an array of showpieces is the perfect place to find gifting ideas. For a cooking enthusiast, the chef showpieces crafted of resin are the perfect gifts. If natures is one's comfort haven, the minimalistic ceramic and transparent glass flower vases are ideal modern home decor items. Place a shared memorable photograph into our stunning range of photo frames and gift it to a loved one.