Home Ceramic Stoneware

A ceramic collection of dinnerware with the aesthetic stone effect to resemble stone pottery in 3 tones of grey, pink and blue. The stoneware collection is made a durable ceramic tableware that is made of good quality of ceramic that even has a fine finish.

With a arena of serveware and tableware to choose from, the ceramic dinnerware can be made into various types of dinner sets for various utilities. The ceramic dinner sets comes with a range of products to choose from - dinner plates, snack plates, soup bowls, salad serving bowls, large serving bowls, long plates, platters, trays, casseroles, snack bowls, serving bowls, bakeware, flavour plates and dessert plates.

The stoneware ceramic collection also has a range of sectioned bowls, small bowls and large bowls with handles that come in red, green, blue, grey, orange, black and white. The colourful serving dishes complement the subtle colours of the stoneware collection that can be used to serve sides and starters before the main course. 

Create a dinner table setup with the subtle colours of dinner set or create a unique dining experience for brunch or lunch. 

Additional benefit of the collection is that it comprises of various bakeware, microwave safe bowls and microwave safe plates. One can not only serve and bake with the tableware but also heat food in the microwave. 

The dinnerware collection is a modern take on stone tableware and the matte finish makes it stand out. They come with a minimal aesthetic which is apt for any contemporary households.