Holi Special Part II: 5 Do It Yourself Ideas

March 08, 2020
Holi is here!! Well almost.. so we came up with a two part blog to celebrate this colourful zesty festival to the fullest. While our first part (read here) was an ode to our favourite traditional Holi recipes with a twist, Part II of the blog brings some fun do-it-yourself ideas to make the festival and your weekend a little more special. 
napkin rings shibori napkins
Here are Nestasia's 5 DIY ideas for Holi 2020: 


The day of Holi starts with playing colours. This year go the natural way to have a safe yet fun filled Holi. Bond with family over the weekend by making your own home-made Holi colours that are herbal and naturally scented.

These can be made in various colours. We created three of them using a spice (Turmeric), flower (Rose) and a vegetable (Spinach) for the quintessential yellow, pink and green. 

  • YELLOW: Mix turmeric powder in water and add it to a bowl full of cornflour.
  • PINK: Boil the rose petals in water and soak them overnight, strain and add it to a bowl full of cornflour.
  • GREEN: Blend spinach leaves, strain the juice and add it to the cornflour.
DIY Organic Colours for Holi
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    Once the natural pigments are added to the cornflour, beautiful lush pastes are created which need to be sun dried in plates. Once dried, scrape and blend to form organic Gulal.  

    Now you can present both your cheeks to get coloured with this beautiful pastel goodness that will also make you beautiful and have glowing skin after Holi, thanks to all the herbal ingredients! What's better is it's great for kids too!

    Organic Colours with Ingredient
    Try more colours using flowers and veggies like marigold, beetroot and purple cabbage.

    While we are talking about colours, another great weekend activity with family which you can later flaunt at your Holi party is an easy DIY Shibori project

    This Japanese art of dyeing textile can be done with just a few supplies right at your home. You would be surprised at how simple it is. 

    Tie and Die Napkins DIY

    You Will Need:

    • Holi wet colour powders (may not be a permanent dye but great for first time DIY)
    • Easy to dye cotton cloth 
    • Ice Cream sticks &
    • Rubber bands 
    Tie and Die Napkins with Rings

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    1. Cut the cloth into napkin squares
    2. Fold the napkin in alternating 1 inch folds (like a fan)
    3. Fold it in half from the middle
    4. Place ice cream sticks on both sides of the cloth
    5. Tie sticks with rubber bands
    6. Soak the cloth in water
    7. Dip in a solution of Holi colours
    8. Open after 20 minutes and hang to dry
    9. Iron on it to make the colour stronger

    You have your vibrant colourful Shibori table napkins ready. These can be styled with napkin rings for a colourful Holi table setup.

    Tie and Die Napkins Close Up
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    Once your beautiful tie dye napkins are ready, it is time to flaunt your creativity during the festivities when friends and family gather together. 

    Beaded Mats

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    How about doing a lively table set up celebrating colours by teaming the napkins with colourful place mats just like Nestasia's beaded ones that come in a variety of colours, apt to enhance the look of your table setting.

    Beads Mandala mats
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    Create interesting napkin folds or simply let the brilliant placemat colours pop from underneath. Go for classic white and gold tones of crockery and cutlery. With this you are sure to wow your loved ones and create a setup to remember. 
    Beaded Mat Orange
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    With the table set, you’re ready to welcome your guests!

    When they arrive, instead of serving them Thandai the traditional way, set up a Thandai Station where guests can create their own mix with the help of fresh syrups, purees and garnishes.

    In no time, all guests would be whipping up their own concoction of the best Thandai of the night.

    Thandai Kesar  Honey
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    • Keep basic Thandai in bottles for flavouring it further
    • Also keep plain milk for kids and anyone who doesn't like spices
    • Add a range of purees and syrups like honey, strawberry, mint etc. 
    • Keep nuts, spices, kesar and rose petals in bowls for garnish
    • Add bucket of crushed ice and straws

    Sure to be a hit with kids and makes for a great conversation starter!

     Head over to our last blog for some Thandai recipes with a twist! Read how we created a Thandai Mojito, Berry Thandai and Kesar Roast Almond Thandai. 

    Thandai Three Ways
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    After playing colours all day, the thandai helps to work up an appetite. Everyone is ravenous for all the delicious treats. This year for your friends and family, create traditional recipes with a twist by using a few simple ingredients.
    Colourful Lavash

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    Read our Holi Special Blog Part I on 5 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist. Recipes for all age groups and some cool new fusion techniques.

    Check our recipes for Multi-Coloured Veggie Namkeen, Mexican Papri Chaat, Vitamin Bhel Salad and finally end with the fusion dessert of Gujia+Jalebi Cheesecake

    Slice of Mithai
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    Share with us your favourite DIY tip from above and let us know of any other special DIY of your own that you tried. 
    Here's wishing you a very HAPPY HOLI! 
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